Ahead of her first 'roving club night', LÂLKA let us in on the night's conception

9 May 2018 | 11:56 am | Staff Writer

In the wake of dropping her most ambitious audiovisual project to date (which by the way, we were lucky to be able to premiere), LÂLKA is riding what could definitely be described as a creative high right now.

With each passing day, the Brisbane-based creative continually pushes the confines of her own creative pursuits, and we're definitely seeing some incredible projects and idea emerge from this.

One of these projects we're really excited for is the launch of her very own semi-regular roving club night, inspired by the likes of YAEJI. She's launching it on Friday, May 18 with the help of some very special friends.

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In light of what's to come for the already incredible productive LÂLKA, we asked her a couple of questions about the formation of the night, what we can expect from the night, her process behind booking and what inclusivity and safe spaces mean to her as an artist.

What inspired you to create your roving club night?

I found out about the events that Korean-American artist yaeji has been putting on in NYC, where the atmosphere is like that of an intimate house party. The gathering itself is a celebration of everything good about parties - people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy each other's company, and dance to great music. I want there to be a familial, communal atmosphere where there isn't a great divide between the artist on stage and the audience. I want the audience to get super close! I'm also really interested in fashion and subcultures, so I'm encouraging people to make their outfits as much a part of the equation. Wear clothes you can move in - I wanna see some stylish punch! It's not about what's being worn, but how clothes are being interpreted and presented.

What is it that you are aiming to achieve with these events?

Well, sometimes I get kinda bored with gigs where audiences don't care about the opening act and only turn up to talk through an artist's set. Hopefully by creating the familial atmosphere - for people from all walks of life - people will be there to enjoy the music that the artists bring.

Also, time is our scarcest resource. I want to put on an event that transcends our ordinary lives!

Long-term, what is your vision for these events?

I'll only put one on when I have a lineup (friends) whose music I really enjoy and believe in. I've got REBEL YELL and DEATH CLUB 7 playing in this first event - I'm so excited! Hopefully these events will grow, more people will come, and who knows... we might even have food. (Any venues/restaurants wanna collaborate for a future event? Hit me up!)

What is your process behind booking the acts you’ve booked - are they artists that you personally listen to?

This is definitely a curated event so the answer is YES! I’ve been following Rebel Yell’s music and visuals for a while now... I saw her at a mutual friend’s gig a few months ago and plucked up the courage to go introduce myself. I love the industrial rave energy that her music has.

I’ve only discovered Death Club 7 recently when a friend of mine recommended his music to me. I listened to his new album on Spotify and loved it.

Have you previously thrown events before? What will be different about this one from others you may have been involved in?

This is the first official LÂLKA + Friends event. But a few years ago I put on an event where I performed my music and put on some visual artwork along with my partner. And a couple of years ago I worked with some friends to curate the music program for a local youth arts organisation.

What vibe can we expect from the first event?

Good vibes only. The best bits of a house party and a club combined.

How important is it to you to construct safe spaces that are inclusive?

VERY! There's a strict no harassment policy at my events. If I see something that's not right, I'll call it out. (Believe me, I may be small in stature but you don't wanna mess with me!) And I'd encourage the audience to do the same as well. Collectively, we can change the culture of the industry and create spaces that are safe for everyone. I should also note that this particular event is all ages; under 18s just need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. I was a kid/teenager obsessed with music, and I'm sure there are young people out there who would love to experience live music, so whenever I can, I try to make my events inclusive for younger people. (Just be warned that I swear occasionally in my performance... so if that offends, cover the young ears!)

Check out the latest singles from Rebel Yell and Death Club 7 below.




Feat. Rebel Yell & Death Club 7

Friday, May 18 from 8pm

Bloodhound Bar, Fortitude Valley QLD

All ages (those under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

Grab your tix here