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Get to Know: Godlands

22 December 2017 | 12:51 pm | Staff Writer

Rising producer GODLANDS is a name you'll be seeing everywhere very soon. With just two singles under her belt, she's had an incredible rise in 2017, playing all over the country in her own right, supporting artists like SHOCKONE, and playing at festivals like THIS THAT and ALISON WONDERLAND's SCAREHOUSE WAREHOUSE PROJECT. From her debut, 'Finally', to more recently her follow up, 'Hit Em Like This', Godlands has kicked some major goals already, so there's no knowing what she'll do in 2018 - we just know it'll be BIG.

Combining melodic elements with huge, in-your-face trap and bass, Godlands is the human equivalent of "go hard or go home", and her music further exemplifies this. Having cut her teeth as a DJ for years, it's finally time for her to put her production skills in the spotlight where they belong.

With some killer shows lined up for 2018 already supporting the one and only BAAUER on January 2 as well as playing at Party In The Paddock, it really is all systems go for Godlands, so we decided to get to know her a little more before she well and truly blows up!

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Who are you?

Whoever you want me to be..

How did Godlands come to be?

Wellllllll I’ve been DJing for 9 years and knew that that could only take me so far and I wanted to do more and push myself so I studied electronic music production at SAE and then was really really crap for 2 years but now I’m less crap so…. here I am.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

Maaaaan I change all the time, I find this so hard to answer because sometimes I’m feeling beatsy stuff, then I’m more hip hop…. Then all of a sudden heavy trap is sick and grime sounds are dope then deep house is bangin… It’s all very overwhelming. Let’s just say I vibe a lot of different things and I try to incorporate a lot of each into my music/sets. If we put genres names into it, it’s a mash of trap/beats/hip hop.

Tell us a bit about your latest single, ‘Hit Em Like This’?

At this point in my life I was feeling heavier trap that was a bit more refined and less sample based. I experimented with synths a lot more and made a more cleaner track than what I would normally, I sort of tested the waters but it turned out pretty cool.

You’ve just been on the Alison Wonderland Scarehouse Warehouse tour - can you tell us a bit about how that experience was for you?

It was dope. Al works super hard and it shows in her performances and [the people] she has performing for her are always extremely talented and amazing artists. The day was super hot and it was sweaty but the people were still going hard which is always sick to see.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

I have a couple of beatsy/trap (sorry I don’t really have a genre to call it lol) tracks that I’m really excited to finish up and also a hip hop track that I’ve produced that I’m getting vocals on. I’m keen to do a lot more rap tracks, since hip hop music is basically where all this stems from and I love it.

Where can we hear more of your work?

If you go to a forest on the 12/12 every 12 years just as the clock strikes at 12 AM you will hear a Godlands playing faintly through the trees. But if you can’t wait that long I’m playing with Baauer on Jan 2, or you could hit up my soundcloud -