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Fishing on bitcoin, Beastie Boys & what they'll be bumping at our thirteenth birthday

11 June 2019 | 6:38 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Sydney duo FISHING have spent the last few years serving it up across town. Whether they're spinning some of the most uplifting electronic sounds they can find via their DJ sets, or crafting cascades of sound through their much coveted live sets, the duo know their sound so damn well.

Their last big release was their debut EP, Pleasure Dome, back in 2017.

The EP found its home on dancefloors across the globe, its glowing sonic palette quickly becoming a memorable one, and I would even go so far as saying that this is one of Sydney's most seminal electronic releases.

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While they've been busy working on the follow up to the EP, they've also been pursuing their other pursuits, including solo projects, label forays and graphic design too.

They'll be spinning a DJ set at our thirteenth birthday party this Saturday night as part of Vivid Sydney. It's been a while since we caught up with them, so we threw a couple of questions their way to catch up on everything Fishing.

What have the last few months looked like for Fishing?
We've been holed up in our garage aka studio, finishing off a whole lot of music for this year. It's been a long time but we're back on it!
You’ve both been working hard on your solo projects, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been
doing outside of Fishing?
The radio show/label I co-run with Amelia, Body Promise, has had a busy few months! We went on a lil DJ tour, and put out our third compilation which features some incredible local producers that we're really excited about - Freda & Jackson, Andy Garvey, and Lou Karsh just to name a couple. Russ and I both have tracks on there under our solo monikers too, The Ghan and HED Ardennes. There's a couple more releases from us under those names on the horizon so keep an ear out :)
Russ is a visual mastermind too, and has been going hard on his graphic design work the last few months. His stuff is sick, if you've got a rave flyer that needs making drop him a DM on IG! @theghan_jpg
Is there any new gear in the Fishing studio that you’ve been playing with lately?
We are babysitting some really, really, really good speakers at the moment. Playing and writing music with them has been so great, it's like putting glasses after a lifetime of blurred vision.
We've been spending a lot of time in beanbags listening to our favourite records and being blown away all over again. It's probably the most exciting and inspiring addition to the studio in a long time!
How would you say your sound has been evolving since your Pleasure Dome EP back in 2017?
DJ-wise we're trying to slip in some deeper moments into our set, without sacrificing the warm and positive feeling that we love on the dancefloor. As far as our tracks, the EP that is coming out this year is a bit darker and atmospheric than the Pleasure Dome EP. Russ and I are suckers for melody though so we haven't gone full tekkers yet.
We’re so excited to have you DJ at PS13! What kind of sounds are you thinking about playing on
the night?
Uplifting music with weird sounds. An ear massage with positive overtones. We just want everyone on the dancefloor to have the best time possible, let's all feel good!
What advice would you give to your thirteen year old self?
Buy bitcoins.
Do you remember what kind of music you were listening to at age thirteen?
Lots of Beastie Boys, Bomfunk MCs, Offspring, and Regurgitator. I probs had cooler music taste then than I do now.
Photo via Facebook