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INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Rose

24 February 2012 | 12:00 pm | Gabe Gleeson

Gabe Gleeson had the pleasure of a phone interview with Sydney producer Elizabeth Rose last week who's launching her new EP and touring w/Snakadaktal

Gabe Gleeson had the pleasure of a quick phone interview with Sydney producer, singer and songwriter ELIZABETH ROSE last week. She's just released her first single 'Ready' (check it out HERE), will soon be touring nationally with Snakadaktal and is performing at the 2012 Playground Weekender Festival. Gabe caused a bit of an awkward moment when he called her a 'sweatheart' on twitter after the interview.. sorry for the typo guys.

WAX WAVES: "Just got off the phone with Sydney sweatheart/killer producer @ElizabethRosey; interview will be up soon on @WaxWaves/@PurpleSneakerz"

PURPLE SNEAKERS: "@waxwaves Just realised you called @ElizabethRosey a "sweatheart". Lol."

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ELIZABETH ROSE: "@PurpleSneakerz @waxwaves hahah! #hawkward"

Annnnyway... heres what Elizabeth had to say about her accomplishments, what she's working on at the moment and plans for the future.


You’ve only really been on the scene since last year, your music didn’t take long to be picked up by FBi and Triple J – how do you explain your enviable success over such a short amount of time?

[Pauses for a minute]… Radio support has definitely been the most important factor, online blogs featuring my tracks and festival slots have also been really helpful in getting people listening to my music. The fact that I’ve just put my releases and remixes up on SoundCloud has made it super easy for people to appreciate and share what I do.

We’ve seen you’ve recently had huge supports for local boys Gold Fields and Brooklyn act Chairlift, do you have any other supports like this planned? Any plans to come down and visit Victoria?

I don’t have any other big supports planned at the moment, Ill be doing Playground Weekender next month and touring nationally with Snakadaktal after that. I’m working towards a national tour of my own – we’re not sure whether it’ll be to promote my new single or my upcoming EP release. We’ll definitely be coming down [to Victoria] on the upcoming tour – it will include a show in every state. No plans other than that though.

What can Sydney fans expect from your ‘Ready’ headline single launch this Thursday at Sydney’s GoodGod? We’ve heard there’s going to be decorations...

I always like decorating; it’s going to be a similar style to what we did for my recent promo shoot except I won’t be hanging from anything haha. We are UV lighting everything in the venue and trying to make it as otherworldly as possible.

I actually did an article for the Purple Sneakers blog a couple of weeks ago about your new single ‘Ready’. I asked readers where the sample were from at the beginning of the track and you tweeted us back explaining it. Can you tell our readers how it was created?

Well basically It is me singing the chorus of the 50s song ‘Lollypop’ by The Cordettes. I looped it, reversed it and pitched it down – it sounds like a guy singing, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

What kind of stuff are you listening to at the moment and which artist would you say has had the biggest influence on your own music?

Couldn’t really say one artist or style in particular – seeing Chairlift live was amazing and I’ve become obsessed with their new album, I’ve got it at the moment. I listen to a lot of music online, Sonnymoon [Boston, check them out HERE] are a current favourite of mine.

You were invited to play huge festivals like Parklife, Harvest, Peats Ridge NYE Festival, Field Day and you have a set at Playground Weekender coming up next month. How do you prepare for a performance where you need to perform in front of thousands of people?

I couldn’t really say I have a routine. One of the benefits of being a solo musician is I can rehearse whenever I want so I usually do that quickly before I play. I have a bit of a nerdy study thing that I do as well – I write out the lyrics to every song until they stick in my head. That way I never feel nervous for a show because I know I can’t possibly forget any of the lyrics.

You’ve recently delivered remixes for artists like RUFUS, Flight Facilities and Jinja Safari. Is remixing other artists a central part of what you do or is it just something you do for fun?

I definitely feel like remixing other artists is an equal part of my music to writing my own material. I love to produce and always get excited at the opportunity to show off that side of my skills as an artist.

Do you have any remixes in the works at the moment you can discuss?

I’ll be doing a remix for Chairlift soon but we’re not sure what track at this stage. I’m very excited for the remixes people are doing for the new EP; we have Nina Las Vegas, Polographia, Gold Fields and White Fang all contributing. We’ll be slowly getting them out over the coming months and putting them all together on a limited edition pressing of the upcoming EP after that.


Have a listen to ELIZABETH ROSE's wildly creative and very engaging remix of Flight Facilities' latest single and follow up to their massive hit 'Crave You' - 'Foreign Language'. It's got a very chilled out deep, tropical dubstep shuffle going on - exactly the kind of thing that will help you out on a lazy Saturday after a big Friday night at CANT SAY or PURPLE SNEAKERS CANBERRA.

Words by Gabe Gleeson