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Anna Lunoe & George Maple Interview Each Other

22 December 2015 | 2:44 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

We thought it'd be a cool idea for Anna and George to interview each other, considering the year both artists have had and the friendship that they share.

Easily two of the most influential and powerful women running the dance game right now are Aussie legends ANNA LUNOE and GEORGE MAPLE.

Despite tackling different and similar corners of the globe, the gals are set to both come together as part of Beyond The Valley festival over the new year and share their respective music with us.

We thought it'd be a cool idea for them to interview each other, considering the year both artists have had and the friendship that they share.

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Anna Lunoe's questions for George Maple:

What was the first song you remember having an impact on you?

I think it was Michael Jackson Billie Jean… When I was really young my parents went to his ‘History’ tour and brought the CD back to our house. I had a white hat and I used to practice my moonwalk and dancing. He was everything.

What was the first moment you thought - 'Shit ! I can sing!’

I actually can’t remember… I think for me it’s always been about expression. It can be across many different mediums… Singing was just one form of expressing myself. The earliest memory I have was singing at a talent show when I was about 11, but i’m not entirely sure.

Who are your biggest fashion/life inspo's at the moment?

Definitely my closest friends. I am currently surrounded by inspiring, driven creative people in so many different industries and from so many different places. Across the last few years, I have been on the road a lot, and living in a lot of different places. I’ve collected friends who are calligraphists, musicians, stylists, producers, actors, artists, architects with skills scattered across so many different areas. I’m constantly fascinated, surprised and inspired. It’s those kinds of people and that kind of energy that keeps me excited and challenged.

What are your plans for 2016?

I’m working on something big for GM and then a lot of collaborations and more ghostwriting. 2016 is going to be spectacular.

Which Spice Girl would be your dream breakfast date?

Ginger. She’s the spiciest. I think she would have some excellent stories and I think she would be very blunt and honest about them.

Whats your fav song you have released?

Probably 'Gemini' with What So Not. It’s the most fun to play live. I was playing it at shows months before it was released. I think it leads really perfectly into the next phase of material for George Maple. We fought for that song on so many levels. I really believe in artistic intuition, and making sure you are carving your own path. It’s that perfect balance of listening and ignoring those around you. Chris and I always believed in that song.

What is your favourite food?

Avocado wins.

George Maple's questions for Anna Lunoe:

Hi love How are you? What's been happening?

I'm really well/insanely exhausted and doing some extreme resting before the Dominican Republic/Australia tour! The first hyper house tour just wrapped here! It was insane and my body hates me, but my heart is happy.

Are you excited come home? Is this still home? Or do you feel like LA is more homely?

I'm excited to see my family and friends but LA is home for now.

You are a woman of so many talents , you seem like you're able to juggle so many commitments. How do you do it? Teach me your ways.

Haha. I make lists and I allocate things for a certain time and just try not to think about it until its the scheduled time! I get up at 6am every week day, I am exercising a lot and its really helping keep my head straight and my energy levels up. And since I started on the radio, I have an assistant to help me with admin stuff and that really helps!

What do you miss most when you're away? Avocado toast?

Haha I eat HEAPS of avo toast here in the USA actually, mangoes I miss though - Aussie mangoes are the best. My parents are both insane cooks. I miss their cooking. The only thing mum talks about when i call her is what she cooked everyone on the weekend...

I am wearing your Anna Lunoe T-shirt right now, I love it - do you develop the designs yourself?

Yeah! Me and Marc do it together (my man) and we print and ship them in house still, but we have some help.

What are you looking forward to ? Tell me what's on the horizon.

I'm excited to come home! I'm ready for some beach time and I'm gonna take off 2 weeks off in Jan before I come back for Holy Ship and to start the year again.

Can't wait to see you.


There are still one day tickets available for New Years Eve at Beyond The Valley. Check those out here.