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Alice Ivy and Elizabeth interview each other about astrology, making music and guilty pleasures

23 January 2020 | 3:05 pm | Staff Writer

To celebrate Alice Ivy's new remix of Elizabeth's single, 'parties', we got them to interview each other to get to know them better.

Two of Melbourne's finest have come together recently, with Alice Ivy providing the remix treatment for Elizabeth's 'parties' taken from her critically acclaimed album The Wonderful World of Nature.

Taking the cinematic, tragic glamour of the original and flipping it, Alice Ivy takes it straight to the club. Looping Elizabeth's vocals to keep the melancholy of her singing anchored in the song, Ivy does what she does best and builds an entire new world. With glitchy synths and Ivy's trademark, ever-excellent use of percussion, 'parties' is given a fresh life firmly out on the dancefloor.

The accompanying video, created by Elizabeth's ex-wife Xanthe Dobbie only adds to this further thanks to its hypnotic layered imagery perfectly matching the rhythm of the remix.

Alice Ivy said of the remix, “I still remember the first time I heard Elizabeth singing, it was a Sunday morning at Meredith Music Festival and she completely cured my hangover! I was stoked to be able to flip ‘’parties’’ into a little dance remix.”

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The remix also accompanied the news of a few tour dates for Elizabeth, including her Melbourne album launch in March and as a part of Brunswick Music Festival. To get to know her and Alice Ivy a little better ahead of what is sure to be another stellar year for both acts, we got them to interview each other to chat astrology, the challenges of making music and potentially a collaboration between the pair. Check it all out below!

Elizabeth: What do your ideas look like in your head? When I think of melodies they look kind of like building blocks or platforms.

Alice Ivy: It's weird putting it in words, but I think of the sky, Bass and drums represent the solid ground and everything else sits on top, especially when building soundscapes I envision it.

Elizabeth: Do you listen to podcasts and if yes what is your favourite one?

Alice Ivy: I loooove Song Exploder, but haven't explored further than that.

Elizabeth: What do you think about before you start remixing a song? How is it different to writing a song from scratch?

Alice Ivy: I look for the first thing that stands out to me in the remix which is usually my favourite part and then I build a loop around that. But to be honest it's really hard because your pulling apart a piece of music someone else has poured their heart into, you have somewhat of a boundary which makes it different to song writing from scratch. I've been in situations where bands have rejected remixes, it's hard because it's not like your in the room writing the song together. They give you a finished product which you then turn into your own and then return as a finish product. So... very different to songwriting.

Elizabeth: What was your best holiday ever?

Alice Ivy: Japan 2015 baaaaaaby.

Elizabeth: What star sign are you and how do you feel about it?

Alice Ivy: I'm a Cancer which I think makes sense so I accept.

Elizabeth: Do you have any pre-show rituals that help you get into the right headspace?

Alice Ivy: Noo I'm usually too busy making sure everyone's in ears are all good lol.

Alice Ivy: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a solo artist versus being in a band?

Elizabeth: I love the freedom of writing for just myself, feeling like I can make choices without compromising. I feel like I have the best of both worlds at the moment because I also get to tour and play with the best band of girls. They are so supportive and encouraging, it's a really special little gang.

Alice Ivy: What's your all-time favourite show you've ever played and why?

Elizabeth: My single launch for parties at the Northcote Social Club last was pretty special. It was the first music I had released as a solo artist and it felt like a huge moment. I've been very lucky to do some amazing shows over the years, the best ones are always the ones where I feel super connected to the audience, like we are sharing in something together.

Alice Ivy: What's one controversial opinion you have about music!?

Elizabeth: I don't love going to see bands!!! It's very loud! But I do love the Eagles????

Alice Ivy: If you weren't a musician what do you think you'd be doing for work?

Elizabeth: I have tried to be many different things, but music is always the thing I come back to. I get fleeting and impulsive desires to quit and reinvent myself all the time but nothing else ever sticks. Things I have tried: medicine, psychology, academia, make-up artist, housewife.

Alice Ivy: Whose your guilty pleasure artist/band that you secretly froth?

Elizabeth: I think I don't believe in guilty pleasures anymore! I used to have a lot of weird shame around listening to pop music because maybe it wasn't cool or smart enough, but actually a lot of it is very cool and very smart. For example, I am obsessed with Camila Cabello's new album Romance and everyone should listen to it.

Alice Ivy: When are we going to write a song together!?

Elizabeth: ASAP babyyy!


Elizabeth 'Parties' (Alice Ivy Remix) is out now. See below for Elizabeth's tour dates:

Saturday February 29 ~ Grampians Music Festival, VIC

w/ Julia Jacklin, Ecca Vandal, These New South Whales, DRMNGNOW + more. tickets

Friday March 6 ~ The Vanguard, Sydney - tickets

Saturday March 7 ~ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane - tickets

Monday March 16 ~ Brunswick Music Festival

Estonian House, Melbourne - tickets

Saturday March 28 ~ Meadow Music Festival, VIC

w/ Angie McMahon, Rolling Blackouts CF, Frankie Cosmos + more. tickets


Images (L-R): Alice Ivy - Harry Deadman; Elizabeth - supplied