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Slim Set's guide to the best feeds in Western Sydney

14 June 2018 | 2:05 pm | Emma Jones

Western Sydney duo SLIM SET are at the forefront of hip-hop coming out of Australia at the moment. While there are plenty of artists surfing the wave of what's on trend, Slim Set find power in being true to themselves, their influences and where they came from. Having released their latest EP, FEED, they finally emerged triumphant thanks to the mind-bending beats of ATRO and the blistering rhymes from DEV, combining these two elements together to make something that no one else is doing.

We've been fans of these guys for a while now, so we're absolutely thrilled to have them join us to celebrate our Twelfth Birthday as part of VIVID SYDNEY this weekend at The Lansdowne. Before that goes down though, we got the pair to give us the scoop on their top five feeds in Western Sydney, and they've well and truly delivered the goods.

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To catch Slim Set live this weekend alongside DRO CAREY, RAINBOW CHAN, THANDI PHOENIX, ANNIE BASS, ALTA, LOVE DELUXE and loads more, get the last remaining tickets right here, and check out their top feed spots below!

New Star,  Auburn

Back when Atro lived in Auburn this was a staple. The homemade chilli sauce is serious QUALITY. Chips super crispy, generously salted & the meat is FLAVOURSOME.

Honourable mention: Kings Kebabs on Queen Street in Campbelltown has second place for best homemade chilli sauce, Snackpack quality and value. Istanbul Eats in Parra has third and Sultans Table in Newtown has fourth.

Wagyu House, Parramatta Rd, Five Dock

In hindsight this is a pretty meat heavy list… for that we’re sorry but Wagyu House is off its head. There’s a fuckin butcher on one side of the restaurant. It’s pretty good. The quality isn’t like God-tier or anything but the value and communal vibe is what’s hectic. $30 all you can eat, serve yourself and big tables.

Destination Roll, Parramatta

There’s a long standing community dispute about which is the Banh Mi spot in Parramatta. We’re taking a stand now and saying Fuck Excell Roll - their mayo is from the jar and their fresh chillies are bitter. Don’t be fooled by the exciting fusion flavours.

There’s two Destination Rolls in Parra* and they are both OP (overpowered). Homemade mayo (Tip: ask for extra) and they got the chilli-coriander bacon & egg roll in the morning for your Western stomachs. The pickling on the grated carrot is heaps better and to top it off they got that special pork crackle roll.

*Church Street next to 7/11 and Charles Street near Commbank Tower.

Wigram Street, Harris Park

Wigram St is mini-Delhi. It goes off on two occasions: Diwali and when India wins the cricket World Cup. Other times of the year it’s where the curries go to eat, my family included. Taj is the joint where I take my vego white friends. Good pricing, consistent quality. My fave order is Aloo Tikki Chaat on the weekends and a Masala Dosa during the week. The Paneer Kulcha goes hard too.

El Jannah, Granville

El Jannahs is the spot. It translates to paradise and we been ordering the same thing for years: half chicken plate & chips. We’ve seen it go up in price from $7.50 to $11. As Sydney gets more exxy so does your freshly charred chicken and garlic sauce, I guess.

To be honest we were thinking about making this entire list: El Jannah Granville, Punchbowl, Campbelltown, Penrith & Blacktown. There’s three Lebanese charcoal chicken shops on this street in Granville and they are ALL good. Don’t think we only vouch for El J’s. Hawa has a “juicier” chicken (if you’re into that) and Chalk (Al Awafi) is the joint if you got mates that like to smoke inside or pipe that narghile.

Vivid Sydney and FBi Radio Present Purple Sneakers Twelfth Birthday

Date: Saturday 16th June 2017

Venue: The Lansdowne

Time: 6pm – 3am

Address: 2-6 City Road, Chippendale, Sydney

Price: $22.00 + BF. Tickets available here

Lineup in alphabetical order:

















Intro by Emma Jones

Photo by Jonno Revanche