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A Night Out In Reading With SG Lewis

8 January 2016 | 12:50 pm | Tom Hutchins

What do you know about Reading? Not much we assume, since this is an Australian blog. Let SG LEWIS take you on a night out.

What do you know about Reading? Not much we assume, since this is an Australian blog. Being one of the larger cities (round about the 20th largest according to Wikipedia) in England, there is a world there for the massive amount of young legends that call Reading home.

SG LEWIS is one of these kids. In 2015, the 21 year old broke out of his hometown and into the ears of the whole damn world with a huge EP release on PMR. But before this happened, he still managed to get up to some mischief in his hometown.

SG Lewis takes us through the best places to spend a night (or day) out with friends in his Reading as a (slightly) younger kid.

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Reading Festival

"Reading is best known for it’s annual music festival, where thousands of people flock to in order to get drunk on warm beer in a the rain listening to music. I promise it’s a lot more fun than it sounds, and is bit of a rite of passage for locals - when you’re 16 and a bit too excited to be there after your GCSE’s."


Sub 89

"Sub 89 is a little venue in the town centre where a lot of really cool acts have played - Reading doesn’t have a lot of underground music venues so Sub 89 was host to a lot of mine and my friends first proper nights."


Forbury Gardens

"This is a park in Reading town centre - growing up, it was a place to meet up and drink beer you stole from your parents fridge because you couldn’t get into pubs, but now it’s actually just really nice place to walk through! Local legend claims that someone got on top of the lion once…"


Zorba's Kebabs

"The legendary local kebab shop - Zorbas. Usually the last stop in a Reading night out, and personally my highlight of any night in Reading - much better than the clubs."



"‘The Monks Retreat’ or Monks is the local wetherspoons - sticky floors, cheap beer, but somehow there’s always about 30 people you know in there on any given night."

Words by Tom Hutchins