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Minorfauna's guide to Melbourne's punniest laundromats

20 June 2018 | 9:56 am | Kyle Fensom

Ahead of their debut EP, Melbourne's Minorfauna share some of their favourite, punniest laundromats to help make doing your laundry a little less of a chore

Melbourne’s MINORFAUNA (the musical pairing of ABBEY HANSEN and KYLE SETCH) are gearing up to release their debut EP, Myself, later this month by sharing the lead single, ‘2B’. Seamlessly weaving together different genre styles, the track skirts around the edges of experimental pop, channeling alternative R&B with the slick but disparately fractured production style of KELELA and the woozy vibe of modern trap.

Originally from opposite ends of Queensland, the duo have admittedly struggled to acclimatise themselves to Melbourne’s laundry weather. “We both feel pretty blessed to be able to now live in Melbourne”, they say. “However, one thing we do miss about Queensland is the good old fashioned ability to do one’s laundry and hang it out to dry… and for it to actually dry”. 

We’ve enlisted the help of the quickly rising two-piece to show us how they navigate the endlessly frustrating chore that is laundry by giving us a guide to Melbourne’s punniest laundromats.

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Soap and the City - Brunswick

What ya wanna do is throw that laundry in the machine and then run across the road to Dejour jeans and get yourself a tailored pair of jeans for around $50. Jump on the 19 tram and head up a couple of stops to A1 Bakery for the best spinach triangle you’ll ever eat, then duck south a couple of blocks to purchase a coffee from Kines Cafe and HEY PRESTO ya washing is DONE dude.

Soapranos Coin Laundrette - Collingwood

Do you like the Sopranos? Well if ya do, doing your laundry just got better. Just come here, they play the Sopranos on loop from the minute the doors open until close. Head up Johnston St and turn right onto Smith St for the best Banh Mi you’ll ever have in your life (seriously, the line is always out the door).

Soapbox Laundrette - Melbourne CBD

Ok so maybe this one isn’t a pun. Doesn’t change the fact that people living in the CBD need to get their washing done. Before you even kick off your washing you wanna stop at Tahini Lebanese Diner and get a falafal wrap or, if you’re feeling something else, Schmucks Bagels isn’t too far away. Head inside and get that washing doooone. Just take note of a recently posted review: “More often than not, the opening and closing hours are only a very rough guide to when the door will actually be open. Be sure to take them with several grains of salt” HAHA.

Brainwashed - Prahran

Shit! You stayed at Revolver just a little too long. The sun's out, you've got work in a few hours but you don't have time to go home and get fresh socks! Oi don't sweat it, just jump on the 6 tram, stop in at Huxtaburger, get that into ya. Then go one more min down the road and chuck those stinkers in the machine. We promise after you pull them outta the dryer and put them back on your feet you're gonna be feeling so ready for the 8 hour Sunday shift.

'2B' is out now, with Minorfauna's EP coming later this month.

IMAGE: Supplied