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Lil Halima takes us through the scenic northern Norway

9 August 2019 | 7:52 am | Caitlin Medcalf

With her new single 'Booty' out today featuring Swedish producer Canto, northern Norway's Lil Halima takes us through her scenic hometown.

Norway's prime pop export LIL HALIMA returns today with her first new single since the release of her dual conceptual EP releases, for the dark days and for the bright days. It was a beautifully composed series that saw her exploring her sense of place, and the duality of living above the Polar Circle in northern Norway.

'Booty' is the name of her new single, and it sees Lil Halima collaborating with Swedish producer Canto for this slow-burning, up-tempo RnB jam. With a chorus as catchy as this one, you'll surely be hearing this one on dancefloors or your airwaves sometime soon.

The track was produced in a prison cell turned studio, channeling the sunny, nature of the room and using that energy to push forth a dreamy jam. Her working with Canto is an apt one, with him being a recognised force in the Swedish hip-hop scene. His work translates perfectly into the world of Lil Halima, offering her the chance to create something different and for him to step out of his comfort zone a little.

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Curious about her surroundings, we got Lil Halima to put together a quick hometown guide of her home in northern Norway. Featuring some of the region's most beautiful spots, she's put together something special. Check it out below.


There is a mountain called Segla in a place called Senja. Walking this mountain during summer is an absolute dream. 100% unbelievable.


If you want to see some arctic animals you can go to Polar Park. And me, being a animal rights activist is saying that this park is approved. You can even like hang out with actual wolves.


...And if you are to get hungry than this is the best (and only) place to go in Bardu, hehe. But its really good.


I am so in love with our northern lights. I grew up with them being this beautiful gift we got during the dark time in Northern Norway.


So I was thinking about more places to go to or things to do, but there aren't really that many. You kind of just use the beauty of nature and the place to figure out something to do. Maybe you finally can read a book or something.

Photo via Facebook