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Jadu Heart's guide to Bristol

13 March 2020 | 12:27 pm | Staff Writer

Bristol-based multi-instrumental psych duo Jadu Heart are gearing up for the release of their eagerly anticipated second album, Hyper Romance, out this June. Described as "a collection of love songs that explore the balance between calm and chaos," the pair make music that gets under your skin and stays with you long after its finished. Infusing elements of hip-hop, RnB, chillwave and psych-funk and marrying it all together with a strong sense of electronic-leaning pop, Jadu Heart count the likes of Mura Masa as past collaborators and its easy to see why.

Now with the release of their latest single, 'Suddenly I Know Who You Are' and their second album just a couple of months away, we wanted to get to know the pair a bit better. Having recently relocated to Bristol, Jadu Heart have put together a guide to their favourite spots in their new home. Check it all out below and keep your eyes peeled come June 26th for the release of Hyper Romance!

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The Highbury

I mean £1.50 Cheese rolls. You can’t go wrong. That’s the reason we keep going back to be honest. They also have probably the nicest beer garden in Bristol and not to mention a good selection of games and a billiard table. It’s missing a few pegs but you can use your imagination and make up your own drunken rules. It also has an old fashion toy train that makes its way round the pub every ten minutes or so. You’ll find us here with a Highbury classic, the “half and half” cider in hand.

The Vittoria

This is our local and we spend far too much time in here. It’s practically our second home. The landlords know us by first name and draw pictures in our pints- we’re truly regulars. Apart from the £5 happy hour cocktails (which are banging) and the super cosy vibes, the Vittoria has a lot to offer all week- pub quizzes, bring your own records nights, comedy nights, New Orleans jazz nights and more. The food is on point and their music taste is impeccable. Catch us in there pretty much every day of the week.

Dare To is a old renovated pub just outside the city center. It’s a bit of a mad place as it’s used during the week for “Adult” sex parties, there’s a basement with some mad bondage stuff and it’s kitted out with a huge sound-system and light show. We’ve been there for some club nights where it’s been an amazing and surreal atmosphere, but adult parties aren’t our style. Each to their own though, peace and love and all that.

Take Five

This place is literally a cafe that turns it’s tiny basement/storage room into a club sometimes. It’s just opposite the famous Turbo Island and were pretty sure its run by someone’s dad (or grandad?!) as the owner stands outside and takes your entry fee when they have events on. He’s a stern but nice guy. We’ve seen some great people play there, most notably the due “Hockysmith” did a wicked set. Once you’re get in, it’s like having a rave in a greasy spoon. Weird but tasty.

The Canteen

If you want somewhere to watch live music every night of the week then canteen is your place. We go specifically for the bread and soup they hand out when the kitchens close. And the music obviously. If you get there early enough you might catch some of the other food stalls they have open there. Last time we went we saw a jazz quartet who made us sad that we weren’t jazz musicians. It was a good night.

Hyper Romance is out June 28th.

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