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Flowidus share the best of the best in their hometowns of Raglan, NZ and Perth, WA

4 June 2018 | 8:15 am | Max Lewis

To celebrate the release of their latest EP 'Arrival', Drum n Bass duo Flowidus have shared the best spots in their hometowns of Raglan, NZ and Perth.

Any drum-and-bass fanatic worth their salt is sure to have heard the pounding lows and screeching highs of FLOWIDUS. Having just dropped their latest EP, Arrival, featuring choice cuts like 'Don't Walk Away' and, more recently, 'Contact', the duo are riding the waves of international success.

To celebrate their EP we thought we'd take it back to basics and ask Raphael and Garo about their hometowns of Raglan (in New Zealand) and Perth, respectively. From choice surfing locations to the best festivals New Zealand has to offer, get an insight into the magic behind Flowidus.

Raglan, New Zealand (Raphael) 

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I grew up in Raglan. For all the Aussies out there, it’s similar to the West Australian surfing town of Margaret River, only a bit more hilly. Just like over there, surfing is a big part of the Raglan lifestyle and has been for me too. It’s where I got my first gigs really as a performer at the infamous YOT Club in Rags. Had some really crazy nights there as well - as been super lucky to play with and meet some of my NZ music idols. With such a tight knit community, everyone is super supportive. Recently, my parents moved into a beautiful house in Raglan. This makes it a pretty social house in summer as all the crew from all around pass through and enjoy a fair few beers on the infinity deck! If you peep the picture, you’ll see what I mean. It’s always a blast coming back home.

Northern Base & Bay Dreams, NZ (Raphael) 

It was amazing that we got to play at Northern Base & Bay Dreams this year. The vibes in NZ around festivals is amazing. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend visiting anyone of the big NZ festivals.

Perth (Garo) 

Aight, lets talk about Perth, my adopted hometown so to speak. As I moved her from Munich, Germany when I was 5, I’ve spent the majority of my life here. Perth has been pretty amazing to grow up in with the most amazing coastline and a killer drum and bass scene to go with it, it makes life pretty sweet! That said, it can be distracting when your studio is literally 50m away from the beach. The image above was taken with my drone on a simmering summers day when we had a little break from the deep, dark dungeon that is our studio. Perth has been known as “dullsville” to the east coasters of Australia but it’s really been on the up and up over the past 3-5 years. So much music comes out of Perth and as I said, the DnB scene is wild. Unlike Raph, I'm not a surfer (way too many sharks here), but apart from the creative side of producing music, I enjoy dabbling in some photography.  I guess the benefit of Perth being quite a small city of about 2m people, there is a real sense of support and community especially in the music scene here which is super rad. Hopefully Perth keeps developing the way it does as it’s a really great place to live. We also shot the music video (top) for our single 'Don’t Walk Away' in the Perth CBD and it’s alleyways.