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The places in Adelaide EAST AV3 can't wait to go to post-restrictions

19 June 2020 | 1:57 pm | Emma Jones

Earlier this year, Adelaide trio EAST AV3 exploded onto our radar with the incendiary 'Le Labo'. Channeling the likes of early BROCKHAMPTON while carving out a path entirely their own, we knew then that there was something special here. Fast forward a few months and they have proven us right their the release of their debut EP, RUGRAT$.

Across five tracks, the South Australian boys manage to distill their high energy approach across the versatile, dynamic record. From the booming introduction of opening track, '2:22 (!NTRO)' to bombastic title track, the frenetic sampling on 'BL3W BAND$' to the aptly named 'TURBØ' and the explosive final track, 'J!G', EAST AV3 hold nothing back on this EP. At once paying tribute to their roots and all they've achieved so far while still keeping one eye firmly fixed on the very exciting future they have in front of them, RUGRAT$ is the perfect foundation on which they are sure to build on in the coming years.

With so much deserved hype around them, what better time to get to know them a little better? We got the boys to take us through some of the favourite places in their home of Adelaide. Check out the top five places EAST AV3 can't wait to go to now that restrictions are easing!

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Home base. We’ve had parties here, recorded most of the RUGRAT$ EP in the studio downstairs. Nic DJ’s there, best club in Adelaide no question


The local. If we’re feeling a pint, we’re hitting up the pub 100%


Pres spot. Soju is a different type of drink that not everyone can handle. We’ve had some crazy nights there, best chicken ever.


The Thebby is the classic Adelaide band room. Always goes off never disappoints, we’ve seen the Skegss boys and the Dunies flip the place upside down.


Our HQ. Our studio. The compound. ?

RUGRAT$ is out now. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

All images supplied