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CC:DISCO! on her favourite Melbourne dancefloors

24 November 2016 | 5:00 pm | Emma Jones


Melbourne DJ CC:DISCO! has carved a space for herself in the Melbourne dance scene, and continues to forge her way with her eclectic taste and forward thinking selections.

With legendary artist MAX GRAEF in town for the Melbourne leg of his Australian tour, and CC:DISCO! locked in for supporting duties on the night, we asked the lady herself to give us the low down of her favourite Melbourne dancefloors. Having grown up and honed her skills in the magical city, her answers were expectedly brilliant.

Check it out below and for details of her supporting MAX GRAEF, head here.

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I really love Melbourne. I moved here at 23 years old after living in Mexico, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I knew only 3 people, but that didn't matter. I've now got the best family and have met the most amazing people through music. People who tell you that you don't meet real friends on the dance floor are cooked - its the best way to meet people and Melbourne has the best dance floors in the world. I wouldn't be the person or DJ I am today without MELBOURNE.



Can proudly say I've been going to these parties from Day 1 - so for 4 years. Its been amazing to see how huge these parties have become, and how hard work and a good idea can really build over time. I totally dreamed about playing these parties as well... I have now played two of them. Can also say that these have been two of my most memorable sets in DJing. Daydreams is a weekly party ever Sunday at The Gasometer from Jan-March.


Section 8

It's just a bloody great venue. From a Monday night to a heaving Sunday arvo party, Section 8 is by far one of my fav venues to play, to chill and to dance. I love an outdoor venue and nothing in the world compares to Section 8.


Strictly Vinyl (The Party)

Although I haven't been to one in a long time because of DJing, I still remember my first one. I felt right at home and was stoked on the crowd and just how friendly they were. I have so much respect for Jimmy James and Jnett and really love their positive energy and their passion for music. If you like Disco and good people, please go to this party.


Lost Weekend - Boney

Was lucky enough to be apart of the team when this first started, and have to say some of the best sets I've seen in Melbourne have come from Lost Weekend. Sadly I'm not there every week now, but it's the one venue I find really hard to leave before 7am. Its not just the music there but the bar and security staff as well. Legit some of the nicest people I have ever met. Big ups to my fave Security Kalid. Lost Weekend will always be a fav.


Hugs and Kisses

So I feel like I've have the most outrageous times at Hugs. There is something about that venue, from Lawrence at the front door, to the booths at 6am. I feel like its a comfortable space... it's got everything , epic dance floor and booths to chill. Will never forget seeing one of my fave DJ's there, Rahaan, and lets not forget that party Andee Frost put on in June 2016. Will stop there. But yeah, its a good time.

CC:DISCO! is playing at The Gasometer November 26 from 8:30pm with Max GraefChico G and Millu. For more info head HERE.

Intro by Emma Jones