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Beginner's guide to the sights of New Zealand with BAYNK

19 October 2018 | 2:34 pm | Max Lewis

Blending pop sensibilities with woozy club magic, BAYNK is one of the finest purveyors of dance floor magic to come out of New Zealand. In just under two years and with an EP and double A-side single under his belt, he's been on a headlining tour of the US - as well as a support tour with Kasbo - and has amassed millions of Spotify hits.

If you're not yet convinced of the magic that is BAYNK, there's no better proof than the pudding that is his latest cut, 'Settle', featuring UK singer SINÉAD HARNETT. Minimal on the surface yet bustling with subtle sounds, the track bounces with dancefloor energy while weaving in poppy hooks. One of those tracks that's as likely to get stuck in your head as it is to get you moving, it's yet another reason why BAYNK is at the forefront of New Zealand electronica. To find out a little more about what inspires his sound, we asked BAYNK a little guide into the most gorgeous sights of his hometown.

Lake Taupo is one of my favourite places in the entire world. My family and I have come here since I was a child. It sits beneath 3 mountains and serves as a summer getaway for boating, fishing and lounging on the shore and then a winter playground for skiing when the snow comes. There’s nothing better than a clear day here when the water is glassy and you’re posted up on the shore with your friends and an assortment of beverages.

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Te Mata Peak is the range here, which has epic views of Havelock North (left) where I grew up and the sea to the right. The winery you can see far right is called Craggy Range and was actually where I used to work as an assistant winemaker before I got into music.

This is Mt Ruapehu, which is the mountain on the left in the very first picture and is one of my favourite places to ski. Not necessarily because the snow is amazing (it’s not) but because of the atmosphere on the mountain. A lot of the people skiing here stay in huts that are actually up on the mountain built into the snow so you never have to walk to the lifts going back into town. You just live up the mountain with all your friends, party, ski and have a grand old time. I used to want to be a freestyle skier since a lot of my friends were into it but I was too un-coordinated and injured myself a lot including managing to get a ski pole through my cheek on one occasion.

Auckland. Many people think this is the capital of New Zealand since it has the largest population at 1.6 million but it’s not. The city itself is super clean and has a great nightlife with interesting events happening all the time. The restaurants littered along the harbor here are all so good especially Ebisu, which is a Japanese spot and probably my favourite place to eat in all of NZ. Getting out of the city is so easy with incredible beaches only 45-60 mins away both east and west. I think I’d like to settle down here one day.

Last but not least. Wanaka. The South Island of New Zealand is known for being incredibly beautiful and Wanaka has to be one of my favourite showcases of that. I used to go to University in Christchurch, which is a 5-hour drive away and for special occasions we would gather up all our friends and come down here to ski, sightsee and terrorize the town, which had a surprisingly good music scene for a tiny town of 8500.