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Asha Jefferies' guide to a weekend in Brisbane's West End

13 August 2018 | 8:36 am | Emma Jones

It's starting to get a little warmer now, which -for the music industry- can only mean one thing: BIGSOUND is nearly upon us! The week-long conference and festival is a week of schmoozing, learning, dancing, beer-drinking and music loving by the Australian music industry and beyond, as they all descend on Brisbane to get a glimpse at the next crop of up-and-coming artists all showcasing exactly who they are, what they're about, and why they're being tipped as the next big thing.

One such artist is Brisbane's ASHA JEFFERIES. Sitting somewhere between Jack RiverAlex The Astronaut and even Paul Kelly, her weapon of choice is her guitar and her impeccable knack of telling great tales through her songs. Her latest single, 'Chaos', is a winding journey of vivid imagery and soaring vocals, and is a perfect example of why Asha Jefferies is being tipped as one to watch for the next few months ahead.

Before she is set to storm this year's BIGSOUND, we asked Asha to take us through her ideal weekend in Brisbane's glorious West End. Check it all out below and snap up the last few tickets for BIGSOUND right here!

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SoBA Class, West End

I know it doesn’t sound like your ideal rock n’ roll start to a Saturday morning, BUT trust me, kickstart your morning with a SOBA class - they offer barre, pilates, stretching, yoga & meditation. This is NOT your average exercise boutique studio. I’m in love with their values in continuing to promote self-awareness, honesty & rawness throughout.

Davies Park Markets, West End

How iconic. Blackstar coffee? French croissants? CHEAP fruit and veggies? Live music? A fish stall man yelling prices at you? TALK ABOUT THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE.

The Burrow, West End

Can I please point out how SUCCULENT their breakfast menu is? Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, somewhere in between or just B E V S, the Burrow is a sweet, warm, wholesome Queenslander vibe restaurant. Great for meeting friends and introducing your family to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

King Ahirams, West End

Don’t let the unwelcoming old lebanese man scare you off. This joint is so old, affordable and gives you so much more hommus than you ever need on a plate.

Roving Conspiracy

Ok - so. Roving Conspiracy’s normally happens every 1st Monday of the month. It’s a rotating gathering of all walks of life, to meet people, listen to live poetry/ music & drink chai. It’s normally underneath an old Queenslander house on the South side (hence ROVING).


4-7 SEPTEMBER, 2018


All images via Asha Jefferies.

Introduction by Emma Jones