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Get to Know: renforshort

7 October 2020 | 4:53 pm | Emma Jones

Rising Toronto alt pop star renforshort is your new favourite popstar in the making.

Rising Toronto alt pop star renforshort is your new favourite popstar in the making. Her latest single, 'nostalgic (luvsick)' is a perfect alt-pop anthem, distilling teen angst and heartbreak into a punchy nearly-three minutes. Complete with a searing, grungy hook you'll be singing for days whether you like it or not, 'nostalgic (luvsick)' is all the proof you need to back up why renforshort is being tipped as one to watch worldwide. Sounding like the '10 Things I Hate About You' soundtrack or No Doubt but with a 2020 vision of modern pop sensibilities, it's matured and considered songwriting with a heaping dose of cool grit and self-awareness.

ren said of her new single, “’nostalgic (luvsick)’ is a really important song to me, I’ve been sitting on it for so long and it is truly one of my favourites! This song is very visual for me, and it reminds a lot of Scott Pilgrim, which is basically the backbone for the entire creative arch surrounding the song, the visuals and cover art are reminiscent of Scott’s character, I think that it’s really cool to be able to be in Scott’s shoes and play his character for a brief moment, also pulling in Edgar wright’s creative style is something I wanted to be prevalent in the creatives. The song in itself is just reminiscing on past experiences with a person and now more than ever it feels very real for me, after all my friends have left for school and are moving away I feel like I’m thinking about our times together more than ever and this song really brings out those feelings and moments!”

With the world stage firmly in her sights and the sky as the limit, what better time to get to know renforshort? Here, we catch up with her to dig a little deeper into her project, who she is and what is still to come.

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Who are you?

i am renforshort, and i sing!!!!

How did renforshort come to be?

i started writing and making music when i was 12, it took me a while to really figure out who i wanted to be as an artist and what kind of music i wanted to make, cause i love so many styles of music.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

hahah vibes wise, i make alternative pop grunge esque music, it’s hard to put a label on it cause some could be more pop and some will be more grungy but those overall are the vibes !

Tell us more about your new single, ‘nostalgic (luvsick)’?

nostalgic is a song i wrote a while back with the homies and it’s just about a relationship, either romantic or a friendship that you’ve lost and all these little things around you remind you of that relationship and that person, and its looking back at that and getting better rather then being spiteful which is really cool cause i never really write non spiteful songs haha

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

more music! some dope drops! i’m really excited for these next few months, i think they’ll be the best yet!

Where can we hear more from you?

i’m on every platform under renforshort! visit me stay a while, we can vibe together!!

'nostalgic (luvsick)' is out now. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied