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Get to know Gold Member & their debut EP, 'Get To Know You'

24 May 2019 | 12:14 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Sydney's GOLD MEMBER have been making waves across the country with their sultry blend of disco, psych and funk. Taking to stages across the country, they've just wrapped up their Blue Coma tour, which saw them hit stages across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and more. They've also just wrapped up supporting Boo Seeka across a couple of dates.

They've got a couple of big ones coming up too, including performances at the Big Pineapple Festival up on the Sunshine Coast. All these shows have been off the back of their debut EP, Get To Know You, a four track affair sliding through innovative songwriting and infectious melodies.

The EP kicks off with an ode to the best part of Sydney - the 'Inner West' (yes, I'm very biased). This sunny, psychedelic jam is best ingested as a whole, so strap in from start to finish for a journey through psychedelia, reverb and harmonic vocals. There's a bit of a disco vibe happening with the percussion too, kicking off the EP with a hazy, dance moment. 'Trippin'' really does take you on a trip. Wading through bouts of harmonic funk, topped off with an airy female vocal ad lib, this treat will keep you toe-tappin for days. Best served with a bout of sunshine.

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'Blue Coma' is the perfect blend of reggaeton and pop, finding that intersection neatly. And finally, 'Bounce' rounds it all out, a heady late-night dancefloor number that sees them experimenting with a totally new sound altogether.

To get to know the boys a little better, we threw a few questions their way. Take a read below!

Who are you?

Eyyy we’re Gold Member

How did Gold Member come to be?

THE UNIVERSE WILLED IT! So Azzza was ‘guitar tech-ing’ at the Enmore Theatre. We met there and Sureshaker’s Wizard, Neal, saw chemistry between us. He urged us to make music together, so we did. Every single day for 2 weeks and we ended up getting a big support slot on the back of the music we’d JUST created! 

Two years on, we get ‘Pluural’ supporting us at Rad Bar (R.I.P.) and successfully poach their frontman Jesse hahaha nah jokes but srs... He’s a legend and now a pivotal member of our band...

What are we talking, vibewise?

Vibewise we sit somewhere between the palm trees and the party, ya know? Somewhere between Goldlink & Rex Orange County. The beat driven, freaky, synth wig out tracks will have you dancing, while Az’s soulful interplanetary voice can just as soon bring you to tears.

Tell us more about your EP 'Get To Know'.

Well it’s all self produced and recorded which gives it this kinda grit we all love. Got slow-disco ode to Sydney’s Inner West, next to some dub gooshness in Blue Coma. 

We’d never released a body of work so watching all the prices come together was wholesome af. I’d say it rides the wave of slow and sexy blended with need of neo-synth dance energy.

What can we expect from you moving foward?

Coming up in AUS we at Big Pineapple Fezzie in QLD (as well as the official pre-party & after-party). Then Bellingen Winter Music Festival Wollombi Music Festival. Then we shoot off in August for our first ever EUOROPEAN TOUR ? We've got a few festival slots over there with some other big Aussie and International acts! Git a couple of single in the works too.

Where can we hear more of your works?

We up on Unearthed, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud... like all the main ones ya know?

Photo via Facebook