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Police Say Friendlyjordies' Home Firebomb Attack Could Be 'Linked To Organised Crime Groups'

22 November 2023 | 4:49 pm | Jessie Lynch

"I have no doubt the intent was to create havoc and anyone that’s prepared to burn down a residential premises in the middle of the night is looking to harm somebody."

 Jordan Shanks-Markovina AKA Friendlyjordies.

Jordan Shanks-Markovina AKA Friendlyjordies. (YouTube)

Sydney police have intensified their investigation into a suspected arson attack targeting the Bondi of YouTube personality Jordan Shanks-Markovina, AKA Friendlyjordies.

The incident, which occurred in November 2022 just after midnight, saw significant fire damage to Shanks-Markovina's property and an adjoining house, however, the YouTuber wasn’t home at the time as he’d lost his keys earlier that day.

Police said the incident appeared to be linked to another fire reported at the property just days prior.

Now, one year on, the wild incident has since taken a dramatic turn, with Detective Chief Inspector Richard Puffett saying on Wednesday that Strike Force Promethium detectives had a “strong belief that organised crime groups are involved in these arson offences”.

The NSW Police Arson Unit released CCTV footage on Wednesday (Nov. 22) showing two key vehicles: a black 2018 Mercedes C200, suspected to be stolen and sporting cloned plates, and a silver 2013 Ford Falcon, marked by a single working fog light and reflective stickers under the number plate.

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Both cars were seen near the area around the time of the fire and had driven to the eastern suburbs from the Campbelltown area.

“The attack has the trademark organised crime traits of a stolen high-performance vehicle (a Mercedes) and clones number plates,” a senior police officer told the publication.

“That’s a lot of effort and expense and in line with the way these criminal groups go about doing drive-by shootings and murders.”

After police revealed that the arson attack may have links to an organised crime network, Daily Telegraph has since confirmed the Alameddine crime network is the group suspected of being involved in the alleged firebombing.

Puffett added that the attacks had been “meticulously planned” and were “by no means” spontaneous.

“The offences were meticulously planned, thought through, and by no means spontaneous,” he said. “I have no doubt the intent was to create havoc and anyone that’s prepared to burn down a residential premises in the middle of the night is looking to harm somebody.”

“We have a strong belief that some of that content will reveal the motivations behind it,” he continued, adding that police were looking at Shanks-Markovina’s controversial YouTube videos as a potential motive.

“I’d encourage those involved to make contact with investigators before we knock on the door.”

He added, “We are of a belief that we’re not far off in resolving this.”

Puffett also said that the YouTube star was under police guard, saying they had “put measures in place to protect all interested parties and victims involved in this matter”.