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Five Things We Learnt While Attending Motorik ft. Wordlife

22 January 2014 | 11:28 am | Tony Kingston

We partied with Motorik last weekend and caught sets from Wordlife, Knife Machine, among others. Check out five things we learnt throughout the night!

Motorik threw one of their famous warehouse parties last weekend, which saw the likes of WORDLIFE, FRANCIS XAVIER, KNIFE MACHINE and ANGELO GRUZMAN perform intimate sets to eager party goers at a secret location in Sydney.

For the people who have been living under a rock for the past two years or so, Motorik are a Sydney based electronic record label, who also host some damn fine parties. The group is run by ex-LOST VALENTINOS members Pat and Andrew Santamaria, INFUSION's Francis Xavier, Gus The Hoodrat of BANG GANG DJs fame and Vi Hermens, who was previously known for his work with Picnic Touring & Events.

Here are Five Things We Learnt While Attending Motorik:

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1. Motorik is the closest we will get to the legendary Bang Gang parties.

We all miss the Bang Gang days, but when you've got these sort of parties around it makes it far less disappointing. Although the music is quite different, the two parties have certainly have similarities, the main one being that everyone is there for the music and to enjoy themselves.

It also feels like everyone knows each other, which is an awesome asset to any party. The organisers also base their events around the acronym 'PLUR', which stands for all of the necessary ingredients for a great night out - peace, love, unity and respect.

2. It felt like old times seeing Knife Machine play a set.

KNIFE MACHINE, consisting of Jono Ma, who's currently in JAGWAR MA and Patrick Santamaria from the now defunct LOST VALENTINOS, played a one off show on the evening with the help of their trusty 808 synthesizer. I don't think I was the only one who drifted back to the pre-2009 Club 77 parties throughout this exciting performance.

3. Witnessing members of other acts enjoying themselves as punters is a good sight to see.

At Motorik there's no VIP area and people are free to roam behind the DJ booth, which definitely helps keep the atmosphere nice and chilled. No egos were present and people were there to have a good time. Last night even members of JAGWAR MA and THE ASTON SHUFFLE stopped by to have some fun!

4. Wordlife sure know how to party!

I've had so many opportunities to see WORDLIFE but I always seem to miss them due to clashes within a bill or tiredness. Not tonight! I finally got to check out the duo up close and they put on an outstanding show. As well as their own productions and remixes, WORDLIFE played an impressive mix of GESAFFELSTEIN's 'Control Movement' and 'Pump Up The Jam' by TECHNOTRONIC. From now on, I'll be seeing them any chance I get.

5. The security guards on the night were legends in every sense of the word.

Security guards are an important factor for a party. They're the first point of contact you make upon entering a venue and the mood you begin your evening with all depends on how these guys act towards you. My friend's glass bottle wasn't allowed inside so the security guards kindly offered to store his booze in their car so it wouldn't go to waste.

In addition to this, they were also really friendly and enthusiastically engaged in conversations with attendees while checking IDs at the door. There were plenty of laughs to be had with them and they were willing to accept hugs regularly. Whoever employed these gentlemen deserves a pat on the back.

Words by Tony Kingston