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Made in Paris on 'Pursuit', her definitive year & the importance of wellbeing

2 December 2019 | 7:40 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

We sit down with one of Australia's most exciting techno exports Made in Paris, as she reflects on latest release 'Pursuit' and her huge 2019

Since her breakout year in 2016, Made in Paris has become a household name in underground dance music. From festival circuits, club nights, European sojourns and beyond, Paris Forscutt’s powerful work ethic has been her biggest strength.

2018 was an expansive year for Made in Paris. Her release on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent attracted attention from tastemakers globally, cementing her place over in Europe - a market that has struggled to be touched by underground selectors within Australia. Not to mention her Erratic EP achieving high tiers tastemaker support from Joseph Capriati and Maceo Plex.

When asked about the support from Maceo Plex, she jumped in excitement saying "When Maceo Plex played my track “The Vault” at Timewarp 2017 that was a big moment for me. He has been a favourite of mine since getting into electronic music so it was surreal seeing the footage."

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The homefront was equally impressed by Paris’ techno evolution. Whether presenting her tunes in front of a crowd of 8000 at Victoria’s Beyond the Valley or closing out the electronic stages at Splendour in The Grass, the somewhat elusive producer has captured the hearts and minds of not just the Australian dance community, but also the wider music fan.

While 2018 was huge, Made in Paris has returned in 2019 for what she and other industry giants have claimed to be her biggest yet.

"2019 has been my biggest year yet. Theres been a lot of travelling. Touring around America, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Australia and just recently the UK and Europe where fans are getting to come to my shows and hear the music up close and personal."

There’s no doubt her 2019 European sojourn has changed the outlook of the Sydney based producer creatively and personally.

"There was so much to take in being in Europe. The music culture there is so large with endless events and clubs to discover. Plenty of history in each city that I learned along the way and a lot of positive and inspiring energy was present constantly.

"It was like going to a new school. Learning the in’s and out’s of the scene, reading the European crowd, finding the right sounds for each club. I’ll be back in the summer so I'm very much looking forward to heading back & playing so many more shows."


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Adventuring through beautiful Berlin ?

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From this constant state of flux, travel and experience, comes her latest instalment ‘Pursuit’. Possessed with whimsical enchantment, the track is curious in depth. A strong kick provides a platform for a progressive, yet melodic journey with strong percussive undertones. In what feels like an intergalactic sonic sphere, enters a grimy bass line combines with a slick top line.

From this base, the track evolves as elements enter and escape, creating a perfect combination of intensity and release. It’s safe to assume the track is set to prick ears, both by entrapped dance enthusiasts but also casual onlookers at festivals across the country.

For such an emotive, depth fuelled experience, the track was in fact written on the road. "The fundamentals of 'Pursuit' were created on my last US tour were I plotted down pieces in my hotel in LA and later, on a train ride to San Diego which is where the name came to mind."

The track is more than just a club banger. It peaks and troughs, sways and moves. When asked for the inspiration for the track, Paris quotes the tracks writing process as an inspiration source.

"I've seemed to create a feeling like the track is taking you on a mission into the night which also ties into the title. The 'Pursuit' to what is still unknown."

‘Pursuit’ has an emphasis on texture and creates a grandiose sonic sphere. When queried on what this track does compared to her past releases, Paris turns more to feeling, than production or objective truths.

"Every track is a new story, another journey of mine that i’ve come through and put into music which I think brings something new to the table each time."

The track’s an enticing introduction into her festival run. A sign of tailored experience, she quotes that her set has evolved over the years. Leading into huge slots at Beyond the Valley, Lost Paradise and Wildlands, Paris quotes the key skills that differentiate her sets from the rest.

"Knowing what music in your library works on a big stage is really important. Researching the stage's atmosphere and time you are playing is something that all needs to be taken into account. From there, you can work on what music you want in your playlist. My sets usually progress throughout then bringing in a bit near the end. I also like to pick an opening track and finishing track to make those impressions on the crowd."

With such an intense touring schedule across the warmer months of Australia, I was interested to see how she takes the time off from such an intense touring period. Mental health, and rampant tour schedules are a massive topic of conversation in the electronic music world

"Downtime is super important for me. I spend most of it working on my health doing fitness, yoga & meditation, being outdoors, cooking nourishing food and hanging out with close friends and family. You take on a lot of energy DJing, and producing can be mentally draining so it's always good to reset, ground yourself constantly and not burn out."

Some of the most important things on her agenda for the Australian summer, despite some massive tour dates actually come from tasks delegated outside of the music world.

"Spending time down the beach is something I'll always love in summer! I love the heat and long days. Dancing at festivals as the sun sets. Hiking in nature. Picnics with friends. Summer is a time to be happy for sure!"

‘Pursuit’ and a summer run see a massive 2019 end with a huge homecoming at some of the staple Aussie dance festivals across our New Years. With a trajectory as positive as hers, its exciting to see another Paz doing some big things in the global dance community.