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The best moment from every Boiler Room set at Lost Sundays

3 June 2021 | 4:14 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

If there's one thing that we know about Boiler Room is that DJs bring their biggest and their best selections, here are the best moments.

The good people Finely Tuned kicked off their new Sunday party series Lost Sundays at ivy last weekend with a huge massive Boiler Room lineup. If there's one thing that we know about Boiler Room it is that DJs always bring their biggest and their best selections combined with those sometimes cheesy but so effective party pleasers. This Sunday was no different, with a staggering seven sets filled to the brim with bangers. It's a lot of essential viewing, but we're making it nice and easy for you, breaking down the best moment from every set last Sunday.

Honey Point queued Dubs, Dubs and more dubs

Eora favourites Honey Point opened the Boiler Room stage in classy style, bringing their undeniable gorgeous mixing and selections to the party. DAME and Deepa set it off in style, with esoteric selections, dubby house cuts and chirpy rhythms in between to provide a set that was so true to them. The moment of the set was a cheeky rave tilted banger by Zero B, titled Lock Up. It’s rave ready, filled with to the brim with bass, glitchy keys and banging percussion. It gets dropped at 16:09.

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James Pepper drops a Chicane classic

Hot off supporting DJ Boring at his massive Sydney headline show at Universal, Pepper brought the energy again to the Lost Sundays arena. His set was jammed packed with house classics and new underground tones. It’s highlight however was that mega closer, seeing the stage off with Chicane’s ‘Don’t Give Up’ featuring Bryan Adams. It sent the crowd in flames, a perfect hands up moment for the two step worthy riddled set.It all goes down at 40:00.

Luen’s Owl Tool

Luen is one of the most adored artists and DJs from New South Wales. Recently moving up the north coast, her return to Sydney was always going to be special. In her first set in the big smoke since the great pause, Luen delivered, showcasing a wide range of digging skill, while also staying true to her own sound playing 5 original tracks. My favourite of the lot, and the crowds favourite of the lot was her dropping ‘Owl Tool’. The cult classic while inspired directly by nature made sense in the steamy Boiler Room environment 29:40. 

Caitlin Medcalf dropping Doctor Pressure

We were so proud to see former managing editor and Purple Sneakers royalty Caitlin Medcalf play arguably the best set of the day. What we can say is that she stole the biggest moment of the day, dropping Doctor Pressure by Mylo & Miami Sound Machine. The glitchy feel good house number fit surprisingly perfectly into her bass fuelled, raucous set. Watch it all go down at 14:28. 

Cassettes for Kids and his Gorillaz edit

Cometh the hour cometh the man, Cassettes for Kids always delivers. After 40 minutes of big dance hits, Cassettes for Kids dropped his biggest tool yet, surprising the crowd with a monumental, self-produced edit of The Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. He is one of the only people I’ve ever seen to get a Sydney crowd to go ham to DnB in a licensed venue. It’s pure filth and thats why we love it. 

Bria brought the UKG

It’s not a party in Eora/Sydney if someone doesn’t get down to some UKG, and Bria provided the goods. The Eora based DJ delivered a set full of rhythm fuelled esoteric house gems, before switching the vibe 21 minutes to a banger by Interplanetary Criminal titled, Who On Da Mic. Its awesome signs for Bria, absolutely slaying the Boiler Room stage, proving her as more than one to watch in the underground space. 

DJ Boring’s Like Water

We’ve written article after article about magical moments at DJ Boring shows, so we will keep this one brief. His USBs on the night were loaded with big 90s trance energy, channeling between synth and build up heavy wax to percussion driven house music. Despite his clear ability to dig and find incredible unheard music, the moment of his set was dropping his original Like Water. It’s a spine tingling moment, and the crowd erupted appropriately. Check it out at 25:38. 

Image via Jordan Munns.