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slayyyter reviews seven Australian hyper-pop bangers

15 June 2021 | 2:00 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

With Australia's hyper-pop world seemingly growing every single Friday, we were very fortunate to be able to send slayyyter some tracks

Early on in her musical awakening, slayyyter worshipped pop culture from afar, keeping her eye on and enjoying the legacy level work of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. Knowing the limitations of that work, she realised that in order to make the music of her dreams and directly tailored to her taste she'd have to make it herself. Last week slayyyter released her debut album, 'Troubled Paradise', acting as the eventual wake of her dedication to this ethos, channeling her personal aesthetics while keeping her influences on her sleeve.

Featuring previous singles 'Clouds', 'Cowboys', 'Over This!' and 'Troubled Paradise' the songwriter has taken inspiration from the deepest, darkest and most euphoric sides of contemporary pop music and culture. She takes everything from cheer leader chants, metal, bubblegum 2000s aesthetics, blends them together and pours them out in a refined and energetic slayyyter tone. From bombastic abrasive cuts 'Throatzilla' and 'Cowboys' to dance pop bops 'Clouds' & 'Troubled Paradise' the track listing visits a wide range of sonic worlds, all wrapped in lyrical finesse via clever puns and head turning entendres.

With Australia's hyper-pop world seemingly growing every single new music Friday, we were very fortunate to be able to send the unbridled pop star some epic tracks from some of our favourite locals. We caught her very first reactions to each of the tracks and to no surprise, she seemingly adored them all. You can check out all of slayyyter's thoughts on Australian hyper-pop tracks below.

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Cookii - Like Like

Love this, the production reminds of a cellphone ringtone. I love the melodies. It reminds me of myspace music and europop. So cute that I only wish it was longer!!

This is an absolute hit. Vocals are amazing and the beat drop makes me want to dance like no one is watching. Never heard of either artist before listening to this but this song is enough to make me stan both. The glitchy breakdown at the end is super interesting sounding too a cool way to end the song. 10/10

Lonelyspeck - Brine

This is super cool and moody. I like when pop music envokes a sad feeling without being so upfront about it. 

Daine - Bloody Knees

Very ethereal sounding. Makes me feel emo when listening to it. I think the production is a really cool blend of emo trap and glittery pop sounds.

Trophie - Recover

Oh this is cool. I love that the verses feel kind of bare and percussive then go into a super lush dreamy prechorus. The whole beat is very cold and icy. I kind of wish the prechoruses were the actual chorus. I love the euphoric place that part is taking me to.

yergurl - Until We Meet Again

I'm a sucker for anything that incorporates a breakbeat. The vocals are so beautiful and bright and have so much emotion. I think is my favorite on this list, the chorus makes me want to cry. Single art is super cute too, so bonus points for that.

Hearteyes - Born Annoying

I love the electronic pop punk vibe. Wish there was a cool vocal melody over the beat drops or something but I can also appreciate choice of giving the track room to breathe during those parts.