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Dave Chappelle Blasts Katt Williams For Comments About Fellow Black Comedians

22 January 2024 | 1:20 pm | Jessie Lynch

"He didn’t say anything about any of these white boys."

Dave Chappelle + Katt Williams

Dave Chappelle + Katt Williams (Netflix/YouTube)

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Controversial comedian Dave Chappelle took centre stage at MonDERAYS at the Hollywood Improv on Friday (Jan. 19), where he addressed fellow comedian Katt Williams' recent tea-filled interview, in which he called out a number of his fellow comedians.

ICYMI: The drama unfolded during Williams' appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, where he targeted the likes of Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tifanny Haddish, Ludacris, Cedric the Entertainer, and Steve Harvey — just to name a few.

Among Kitt’s claims were that Hart was an “industry plant”, Ludacris was part of the Illuminati, and that Cedric had plagiarised a joke he created “verbatim”. The fiery comments soon led to Chappelle hitting back with claims that Williams had chosen only to attack fellow black comedians.

Despite Dave’s strict no-cellphone policy during performances, snippets of Dave discussing Williams in his set over the weekend soon made their way onto social media.

“What part of the game is this? He ethered n****s. He didn’t say anything about any of these white boys. None of these white boys function like that,” Chappelle exclaimed during his set.

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“Katt is one of the best painters in the game. So why are you drawing ugly pictures of us? Stop. Hurt people hurt people, but I am a hurt person that never hurt people, and he does it all the time.”

Impersonating Williams, Chapelle said, “‘Fuck this one, and fuck that one, and fuck this one,’” before adding, “but, n***a, I didn’t hear anything that you did wrong. He didn’t do nothin’ wrong? Katt didn’t do nothin’ wrong?… Katt was talking about shit that n***as did to other n***as, but not about anything that n***as did to him.”

Chappelle then added if he were to tell his story, “it would break your heart” and that he “lost everything and never, ever told on anybody.”

He added that while he “fucks with Katt hard,” he questioned why the comic would call out his peers when “all of us are trying to be in a better situation.”

Katt is yet to respond to Chappelle’s comments.

Recently, Chappelle caught heat for his latest Netflix stand-up special The Dreamer, during which he joked about a scenario where a child is hesitant to share their dream of becoming the "gayest n**** that ever lived," referencing Lil Nas X.

In the bit, he recounted how Lil Nas X boldly declared his dream to slide down a stripper pole to Hell and suck the Devil's dick on BET.

The joke alluded to Lil Nas X's music video for Montero (Call Me By Your Name). Lil Nas X later responded on Twitter, unbothered and urging critics to move on from the past while joking that he and the Devil “broke up three years ago.”