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Daft Punk Launch Exclusive Capsule Merch Collection With Spotify

13 November 2023 | 10:13 am | Jessie Lynch

As part of a unique collaboration with Spotify, the iconic electronic music duo has launched an exclusive capsule collection.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk (Supplied)

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Daft Punk fans have found a silver lining following the duo's split in 2021 after nearly 30 years of making music together.

Now, as part of a unique collaboration with Spotify, the iconic electronic music duo has launched an exclusive capsule collection, offering fans a tangible piece of their legacy.

In October 2021, Spotify threw its hat into the e-commerce ring by partnering with Shopify to allow musicians to list merchandise directly on their profiles.

This initiative is part of Spotify's broader strategy to connect artists and fans through exclusive capsule collections. Daft Punk joins an illustrious lineup of artists, including Peso Pluma, Tems, Rosalía, and Tyler, the Creator, in this innovative venture. Each week, a different artist unveils their unique package, starting with Peso Pluma.

The Daft Punk collection arrives just in time to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of their last album, Random Access Memories. Known for their groundbreaking contributions to electronic music, Daft Punk's merchandise line is as eclectic and imaginative as their musical journey.

The collection boasts a range of apparel — including a hoodie and tee — but it's the unconventional items that are turning heads, including a striking Daft Punk crystal clock, a symbol of the timeless nature of their music and influence, we daresay.

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Jeremy Erlich, VP and Head of Music at Spotify, expressed his excitement about the launch. "I'm thrilled with the launch of our Capsule Collection and thankful to all the amazing artists for partnering with us on this.”

“We’re excited to provide another avenue for fans to support their favourite artists with unique and high-quality merch. Spotify is already where fans and artists connect, and we’re dedicated to continuing to find new ways to strengthen that bond within our platform’s ecosystem."

For Daft Punk fans, the latest collection is more than just a shopping spree; it's a way to keep the duo's spirit alive. For those looking to own a piece of music history, this collection is a must-have.

You can check out the Daft Punk Spotify capsule collection here.