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Caroline & Claude Share Their Fave Snaps While Crafting the Electrifying Hit 'Slap'

10 July 2023 | 2:30 pm | Jessie Lynch

To celebrate the release of their latest track 'Slap', the talented Sydney siblings shared some of their favourite memories from the making of their latest track.

Caroline & Claude

Caroline & Claude (Supplied)

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In a world craving something refreshingly unconventional, Caroline & Claude have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. 

The Sydney brother-sister duo ignites the music scene with a potent blend of acerbic Gen Z wit, timeless pop hooks, and unapologetic chaos. Breaking the mold of traditional pop, they deliver a sound that is both classic and iconoclastic, their songwriting unabashedly strange yet irresistibly catchy.

First bursting onto the scene in mid-2021 with their debut single, Stir The PotCaroline & Claude captured the attention of discerning fans and tastemakers not only in their native Australia but also across the pond in the US and UK. 

Now, after much anticipation, Caroline & Claude are ready to shake things up after dropping their highly anticipated Slap from their latest EP.

According to the pair, Slap is a song about hard-hitting truths, they distil pure energy, witty chaos and introspection for an irreplicable dreamy combination that continues to reinvigorate the pop landscape of Australia.

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Slap is about hard-hitting truths," the duo share, adding, "You need to hear them, but boy does it hurt. Slap explores the idea that everything in your life is going downhill, and it's just one slap after the other... and the words people say to you, whether it’s true or not, HURT!! I guess Miss Lizzo wasn't lying when she sang 'truth hurts'..." 

Speaking of the creative process behind Slap, the duo shares, "From the beginning, Slap was one of those songs where whilst writing it we got giddy and couldn’t contain the pure energy in the room." 

"Writing the track in Auckland with Josh Fountain set the tone of the song to already be a #BANGER. There was pure inspiration and a pre-existing excitement in the room... We all were feeling this song hard in the studio.”

To celebrate the release of their latest track Slap from their EP Nan's USB, the talented Sydney siblings shared some of their favourite snaps and memories from the making of their latest track.

Auckland from the plane

"I took this photo as we were leaving Auckland while heading back to Sydney; the photo turned out better than I thought it would! someone was in my seat and I had to get the air hostess to move them, then when i sat down there was dried vom or something on my chair 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I HATE PLANES!!!"

Plant Cafe

"This is a photo of the cafe that was close to the studio!! it was SOOO YUM and we ate there almost every day!! maybe it’s the reason we wrote a banger??"

Claude at Lorde!

We went to the Lorde concert before our session with Josh the next day! we felt super inspired by her, especially because she was singing in her hometown… such a special show !!!

Caroline on the beam scooter!

"The beam scooters were so fun we loved riding them!! I went on it for the first time there; I was very scared. but now I’m a scooter pro!"

Caroline in the vocal booth

"This is where we recorded our vocals for slap!! here caroline was singing the chorus… 'THAT WAS A SLAP IN THE FACE!!!!' peep the frog on the right speaker. I never got their name but they provided such support… #WELOVEFROGS"