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Doja Cat, Northeast Party House, Yumi Zouma, ROSALIA: Ten Best New Singles

24 January 2020 | 10:55 am | Staff Writer

Ten fresh new releases from this week you need to hear including singles from Doja Cat, ROSALIA, Yumi Zouma and more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday. For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers website. Read on for new music from DRMNGNOW and River BoyJuno MambaAlex The AstronautYumi ZoumaChloe KaeChillinIt, Northeast Party HouseROSALIADoja Cat and Four Tet.

Drmngnow, River Boy - Survive

This weekend brings a lot of hurt for a lot of people on this land, and it's important to stop and reflect about the world around us. Drmngnow has shared a new single this week about exactly this, celebrating the survival of First Nations people and their resistance for 250 years. Teaming up with River Boy, 'Survive' is an anthem and a call to arms to First Nations people to keep resisting. It's powerful and vital, and if you are going to listen to one song today make sure it's this.

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Juno Mamba - Blossom

Along with the news of a debut EP out in March via SoothsayerJuno Mamba also shared a brand new single this week titled 'Blossom'. For fans of the likes of Bonobo, Pantha Du Prince or even our own Willaris. K, it's a richly textured, expansive listening experience that blooms and swirls into a sprawling soundscape while maintaining its club-ready feel. Hypnotic and emotionally-charged, it's an intoxicating track from start to finish and has us desperate to hear more. Big things are on the horizon for this Melbourne producer.

Alex the Astronaut - I Think You're Great

Alex the Astronaut is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs. Her ability to tell a story through her songs is ever-impressive, and she shines so bright on her latest single, 'I Think You're Great'. The world is a tough place to be in right now, but Alex's new single is a gentle reminder to look after yourself and your mates, because we're all pretty great. Like the big hug you need after something really shit happens, 'I Think You're Great' is an anthem for loving your friends and we're extremely here for it.

Yumi Zouma - Cool For A Second

Heralding the arrival of their third album out in March, Yumi Zouma return with another breezy indie-pop number titled 'Cool For A Second'. It's a dreamy, shimmering single all about the momentary release you feel when you admit the truth in something, even if its just to yourself. According to a press release for the song, the band nearly scrapped it as a B-side before guitarist Josh Burgess reinvigorated it after inspiration hit. "The most conspicuous of melodies are often hidden in modest beginnings,"the band said. We agree, and we're very happy this one made it out of the scrap pile.

Chloe Kae - Misconception

One half of acclaimed duo KLLOChloe Kae has shared the first taste of a solo project this week and had us falling in love with her voice all over again from the first second. Sharing a two-track release of 'Misconception' and 'Recluse', she steps out of her comfort zone and into the spotlight with the Chloe Kae project and pulls it off extremely well. 'Misconception', with added production courtesy of Machinedrum, is an intoxicating listen, marrying Chloe's honeyed vocals with a gentle, caressing beat to truly give her centre stage. We can't wait to hear more.

ChillinIt - Laying Low

After 2019 saw him release what would be the 13th highest selling album in Australia of the year and achieve two gold singles and 60 million streams, ChillinIt levels up in 2020 ahead of the release of his forthcoming new album, The Octagon. This week he shares a fresh cut from that record in 'Laying Low', confirming his new and shiny crown as one of Australian hip-hop's most exciting names. Tapping into his infamous lifestyle he's known for on social media as well as name-checking the likes of Drake and expressing his disdain for the establishment, ChillinIt doesn't miss a beat here. The Octagon is set for release next week, and if 'Laying Low' is anything to go by, ChillinIt will be doing anything but that for the year ahead.

Northeast Party House - Shelf Life

Many have tried to turn a bender into a song, but not many have succeeded quite as well as the new single from Northeast Party House. 'Shelf Life' is inspired by a marathon bender the band had at The Berghain in Berlin, and is a hazy, woozy, acid-tinged banger perfectly crafted to get you moving. Practically designed for a thriving live audience, whether it be in a dark club or festival stage, 'Shelf Life' is a real moment for the Melbourne party band as they get ready to release their new album of the same name. Hitting their stride in their songwriting, 'Shelf Life' is the third single from this forthcoming record and although it might trigger some memories of a few hectic nights in some listeners, it's a trip down the rabbit hole that we can't resist.

ROSALIA - Juro Que

Ahead of her GRAMMYs debut this weekend, ROSALIA has returned to her Flamenco roots on new single, 'Juro Que', and has also shared a fittingly dramatic, telenovela inspired video. With her voice on full display, she proves in just under three minutes why she really is one of the world's most exciting superstars. After really breaking through in 2019 with a slew of impressive singles, 2020 looks to be no different for the Spanish star and we can't wait to watch.

Doja Cat - Boss Bitch

We can't remember when we were this excited about a movie soundtrack, but the cuts we've heard from the Birds Of Prey soundtrack so far have us absolutely gassed up. First we had Megan Thee Stallion and Normani link up for 'Diamonds', then Charlotte Lawrence's 'Joke's On You' and now we've got a fresh release from the one and only Doja Cat. 'Boss Bitch' is a bad ass, ball-breaking track from Doja Cat with lines like "I'm the whole damn cake and a cherry on top" to help you soak up all of her self-confidence while strutting away from the haters. We absolutely love to see it.

Four Tet - Baby

Having just announced his forthcoming new album, Four Tet is back today with a brand new single. Titled 'Baby', the producer has teamed up with Ellie Goulding for vocals which he's cut and spliced up to sit within the shifting bed of beats he's meticulously crafted. Complete with gentle atmospherics, shimmering synths and rich percussion, 'Baby' is another exciting glimpse at Sixteen Oceans, and one that has us very excited for what's still to come.

Image: Jordan Drysdale