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Artists to Watch in 2017: Temptress

3 January 2017 | 9:56 am | Abbey Lenton

Allow yourself to be tempted by Temptress, as we select the sweet South London duo as one of our Artists to Watch in 2017.

South-East London duo TEMPTRESS are taking pop in an invigorating new direction, one that will make for a very exciting 2017.

Launching with a two track EP half way through this year, the band's back catalogue is minimal, but their talent is abundant. 'Lies' is the most successful of their now three song history, and is a pained but graceful debut. Bombastic brass cuts through the otherwise melancholic and angelic vocals like a razor blade. 'Lies' is certainly a go-to for easy listening, but the very moment that the drop kicks in, the song surges to the centre of attention.


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Temptress specialise in a very unique form of male and female vocals. No moment feels too much like a generic 'call and response' duet, nor do either of the members ever come across as the back up singer. Rather, they balance this feat with meticulously good taste, playing off each other to share and revel in the spotlight. 'Turning Into You' was delivered as the B-Side to the release of 'Lies', but is brimming with its own merit. Doubtlessly more subdued than its counterpart, 'Turning Into You' highlights the pair's vocal abilities above their already impressive knack for production and song writing.

If they weren't already ones for the 'artists to watch' radar, their most recent track 'Guilty Pleasure' has cemented their spot. 'Guilty Pleasure' is a seductive tune of sexy synths and strikingly cultivated harmonies. It is unashamedly poppy without ever feeling the need to follow too many rules. Following the song's release was an accompanying music video that was as elegant as it was audacious. If the song's dreamy harmonies were not enough to have you enticed, their deliciously fluorescent music video will have you tempted by Temptress.

High quality production and industry attention have already come their way, meaning that Temptress are more than ready to be thrust into the spotlight. 2017 will hopefully be the year of even more stunning singles, and if we are really lucky, a collection of intricate and compelling music videos that we know they are capable of.