Artists to Watch in 2018: ZEFGIRLCLUB

3 January 2018 | 10:11 am | Holly O'Neill

The dark, emotionally charged industrial club of ZEFGIRLCLUB is like nothing we've ever heard before, find out why she's one to watch in the New Year

The Sydney music scene has become far more diverse in 2017, with more parties, labels and artists willing to take risks and stand out from the crowd. One such artist is ZEFGIRLCLUB, who -after taking part in FBi Radio's Dance Class program at the end of last year and becoming a party DJ- launched into the Australian music scene with brooding production and intense energy.

Her dark, emotionally charged industrial club music is like nothing we've ever heard before, with every new track inspiring awe at its specificity and scope. Trademarking her brand as "sounds influenced by emotional impulsivity and dysregulation", she explores her own complex feelings framed with anime samples and echoing drums.

With only three releases under her belt for this year, ZEFGIRLCLUB has toured Japan, played the Sidechain's 3rd birthday party and caught the attention of many online blogs, livestreams and radio shows (including our own!). In her sets she pulls from baile funk, trap, industrial, club and rap, also using a lot of this inspiration in her own tracks.

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Her unique approach to sound design is cinematic, building entire worlds in a track with the help of familiar samples and dissonant synth work. Tracks like 'LINGER' inspire thrilling emotion and her flip of EVANESCENCE's 'Bring Me to Life' manages to wrench even more feeling from the vocals. Coming into the new year we can expect an upcoming EP, more international collaborations and releases, and plenty more ZEFGIRLCLUB goodness.