Artists to Watch in 2018: Plantlife

4 January 2018 | 10:20 am | Hannah Galvin

Sydney produer Plantlife promises club heavy anthems in the disco, lo-fi realm. Keep him on your radar as an artist to watch in the new year.

Staring outside the window of your cozy Inner West sharehouse may enhance the lack of greenery that resides within the cold, drab thickness of the existent concrete jungle viewed between the panes. A moment of torment for the nomadic spirit nestled within your soul, locate solace in the sense that this vast array of nature can be placed in an alternative sensory experience; one that is gifted to the ears from Sydney producer, PLANTLIFE.

Studying a myriad of beat techniques to effectively group them with vocal sampling and soft, dulcet rhythms, the craftsman simultaneously occupies spaces of disco, jazz and discreet ambient flavours throughout his blossoming catalogue. With little known of the identity on the artist himself, his soundscapes speak volumes of promise, as supported by Triple J and Double J, as well as respected Australian community radio stations FBi RadioTriple R2SER and RTR FM.

On top of all of this, the trajectory of Plantlife's artistry has seen him release his debut EP, If I Had A Time Machine, I'd Probably Go Back And Fuck It Up Again on Milk Thistle Records in March 2017. A four-track insight into the deep groove that persists, Plantlife has since been picked up by Sydney label Of Leisure to release his remix of Frames' 'Trip' before unveiling his most sophisticated dance track yet - 'Losing Light'. Utilising less crackle and more synergy for a late night club anthem, his recent performance at Freda's for Of Leisure's EMC showcase only aids to the promise of Plantlife's strengthening stature come 2018.

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Words by Hannah Galvin.