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Artists to Watch in 2016: BUOY

23 December 2015 | 12:00 pm | Emma Jones

After appearing on Spirit Faces' 'Cloudplay' earlier this year, we have been obsessed with Sydneysider BUOY and her stunning and unpredictable music.

If there is one artist that has popped up this year that has had us consistently excited for the past 12 months, it's Sydney's BUOY. With her serene vocals, masterful production, unpredictable songwriting and innovative approaches to her music, each track has come out of left-field in the best possible way, and blew us away every. single. time. 

Signed to the legends at OCTOBER RECORDS, this year saw BUOY kick things off with a feature spot on SPIRIT FACES' track 'Cloudplay'. From there, she slowly trickled through her own original songs, starting with the stellar 'Took Me Up'. Shimmering, slightly disconcerting but nevertheless enthralling, this was a trend she continued to follow for the rest of the year.

Her Immersion EP was one of 2015's most solid local releases, featuring stunning production, BUOY's signature heavenly voice and captivating songwriting. Teaming up with fellow local up-and-comer Jack Grace for co-producing duties, the duo pulled out all the stops for Immersion, and their efforts were rewarded with BUOY locking in a spot at this year's BIGSOUND.

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It's not like the bar is low when it comes to Australian electronic music these days; artists are engaged in a healthy musical arms race in which they continually push themselves and each other to sound better. However, this does make it hard to stand out from the crowd- a task BUOY has had no issue with overcoming.

From the first time I heard her sing on Spirit Faces' 'Cloudplay' back in January of this year, I was hooked, and she made it so incredibly easy to remain obsessed. Opting to keep to herself mostly, she lets her music do the talking for her, and we cannot wait to see what she's got cooking for the year to come.

Words by Emma Jones.