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Artists To Watch In 2015: Oh Wonder

19 December 2014 | 12:00 am | Hollie Cunningham

Oh Wonder are a boy/girl song writing duo from London who have captivated us with their 4 releases so far - definitely one to keep an eye on in 2015.

Oh Wonder are a boy/girl song writing duo from London, previously known by the name 'Wonder Wonder' until their second release when it was realised they shared the same name as an existing artist.

The perfect synchronisation of their voices is reminiscent of THE XX, lulling you into a deep hypnotic state for the entirety of their songs, then once it's over, like an addiction you crave returning to that euphoric realm.

Their first release 'Body Gold' enchants you from the outset, with the warm pairing of their voices and slow grooving drum beat, but as the song unravels more elements are added. Their following releases superseded our expectations, lyrically soothing with a sleek use of percussion 'Shark' is similar to their first release in that it starts off gentle and slowly escalates, whereas 'Dazzle' jumps straight in with a greater use of experimental electronics, it is their latest release however which really caught us off guard.

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In 'All We Do' the pair have taken a minimalistic, stripped back approach which accentuates the authenticity and sincerity in their voice, it's enigmatically stunning.

Their album will be released August next year, but in the running to this they have vowed to release a track at the beginning of every month until it's release, an interesting tactic to keep us hooked. Evidently their talents are wide ranging showing us completely new sides to their art in their last 2 releases, we don't know what to expect for January but we can be assured it won't disappoint.