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Artists To Watch in 2018: G Elenil

24 December 2017 | 1:17 pm | Molly McLaughlin

Cypriot-Australian rapper G Elenil has had a lot on her plate, releasing a bunch of singles and getting down at live gigs across the country.

2017 has been a huge year for Brisbane rapper and self-appointed "wog bitch" G ELENIL. This Cypriot-Australian musician, producer, visual artist and street wear label owner has had a lot on her plate, releasing fan favourite 'Something' alongside a bunch of other singles and getting down at live gigs across the country, including playing support for big names like Little Simz and Futuristic.

Instantly recognisable thanks to her unique voice and eclectic flow, G Elenil demonstrates her promising talent and ambition by mixing traditional hip hop vibes with influences from dance, pop, R&B, alternative and soul. She produces a lot of her own music, as well as often collaborating with fellow Brisbane producer tomtom, resulting in beats that are both fresh and catchy as hell.

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Her lyrics are always personal and relatable, discussing the life of an up-and-coming artist. 'Something' is a first taste of G Elenil's forthcoming release Kin, due out in 2018. "Kin is a diary," explains G, "winding through the light and dark of a complicated family holding together through struggles with financial stress, neglect, and addiction."

As part of the Brisbane rap renaissance, G Elenil has been making all the right moves. She has cultivated a dedicated fan base through her live performances and collaborated with the likes of Jesswar, Kaylah Truth and Miss Blanks. Plus, she managed to work a reference to spanikopita into her rhymes, so you know she's the real deal. If 2017 is any indication, G Elenil is on the up and up, and we will definitely be watching.

Image: Supplied