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Artist to Watch in 2018: Carmouflage Rose

28 December 2017 | 10:56 am | Jackson Langford

Being an Australian hip-hop artist trying to make it in the big leagues is no easy slog. It's a realm where most people believe it's just more of the same, but a few sparkling gems manage to shine beneath the dirt. These rare artists tackle the genre differently to everyone else, demonstrating a level of originality, flair and finesse that sets them apart from the pack. And no new artist has done that more so this year than CARMOUFLAGE ROSE.

When the Brisbane-based rapper exploded on to the scene with his monstrous single 'Late Nights', it wasn't difficult to see that he meant business. While each line is positively dripping in Travis Scott influences, the sound of Carmouflage Rose still sounds completely fresh. In an Aussie hip-hop world of exaggerated accents and same-same themes, this rapper just wants to go home but keep the party going.

His vocal delivery is both haunting and hypnotic, and he has a perfect knowledge of how to ride the beat. He leaves no moment left unmilked and switch his flow up without warning, yet it still seems incredibly natural. He naturally possesses a versatility that many rappers, either Australian or otherwise, are trying to force. His persona is unbothered yet his talent is as sharp and as focused ever. Carmouflage Rose is an absolute force to be reckoned with, and when he hops in that limo to leave the club after he's cleared it of bottles, you're going to want to know where he's headed. Here's a hint: it's straight to the top.

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