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Artist to Watch in 2017: Alice Ivy

24 December 2016 | 4:36 pm | Steve Copp

Young Melbourne hip-hop producer and PS fav Alice Ivy is an absolute legend and a freak for a party vibe and is most definitely an artist to watch in 2017.

Immersed in much of the same when it comes to electronic music these days, it's always such a refreshing change to see someone completely unique in what they do. The most recent queen of self expressional innovation is ALICE IVY.

Melbourne based producer, ANNIKA SCHMARSEL is Alice Ivy. Scoping inspiration from a number of different sources, it definitely shows in her music: the hip-hop bottom end feel of one of the greatest to ever touch a track, J DILLA, combined with the soul of MARVIN GAYE shine right through her work. Somewhere in the mess of all this talent she draws her inspo from, SCHMARSEL has found a sound completely her own.

Infectious horn-driven hooks tied together with signature drum patterns and huge verses. Already moving away from the safety of the Dilla template and filling in the grooves in her own way, Ivy is already starting to break the moulds she's made for herself. A breathe of fresh air as a producer with the confidence to try just about anything, and she's proven she has the chops to make it work.

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Her sampling skill is always on show, as she highlights an ear for samples near unmatched in Australian electronic music right now. This is probably why Ivy has accomplished so much in a short amount of time. The way the Melbournian hears a sample is obviously super different to any other artists we've seen in a long time.

I see the intuition of some of the greatest hip-hop producers of our time PHARRELL, TIMBALAND and the legendary J Dilla in Schmarsel's works.

Ivy already taking her craft to the UK, US and Europe, spreading her gospel so quickly it's no surprise she's flown under many a radar. 2017 won't be as inconspicuous for Ivy; people are definitely going to know about her and her rock star qualities. Just recently literally breaking her leg and still honouring her show dates, Ivy is an absolute legend, and a freak for a party vibe - what's not to love?

So, a broken leg isn't stopping Ivy. She's forcing her way onto your radar, you can either take our advice and get in early, or risk looking foolish. Either way you play it, Alice Ivy is most definitely an artist to watch in 2017.

Words by Steve Copp