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Artists to Watch in 2017: Moonbase Commander

5 January 2017 | 10:56 am | Aiden Benavides

Releasing his second EP which garnered over 200,000 unique new listeners along with his constant touring Moonbase Commander is an artist to watch in 2017.

Moonbase Commander is a Sydney producer who has been making waves this year with his aggressive yet versatile take on electronic dance music. Releasing his second EP which garnered over 200,000 unique new listeners on Spotify along with his constant touring of the country, key collaborations, launching his own label and more, Moonbase Commander is an artist to watch in 2017.

If you want a smorgasbord of interesting bangers to lose your mind to, Moonbase Commander is the artist for you, providing tracks that blur the lines of genres such as trap, grime and other genres with focus on interesting synths over heavy bass. With the release of his EP this year named Orthodox, he collaborated with artists such as Ecca Vandal and Mikey Dollaz to create some of his most gripping tracks yet.


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His songs sound like they are made for festival stages with large speaker systems that have bass to rupture the spleens of the audience. Fittingly, Moonbase Commander hasn't been slacking when it comes to touring, making appearances all over the country at Splendour, Falls and This That, leaving a lasting impression on the crowd's eardrums.

This year, Moonbase Commander has made his presence well and truly known in the music scene. This momentum is not going away anytime soon, and if he keeps up his hard work ethic and experimentation, he is sure to make next year an interesting year for music.


Words by Aiden Benavides