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Artist On Artist: Dylan Guy & Edája Talk Aus + UK Music Scene, 'Garden' Collab + More

18 May 2023 | 12:25 pm | Jessie Lynch

Following the release of their track 'Garden', Dylan Guy and UK R&B singer Edája interview one another about their career highlights, artists currently on their radar and more.

Melbourne-based producer Dylan Guy and UK R&B singer Edája joined forces to collaborate for their uplifting new single, Garden

Combining lo-fi, ambient, and electronic elements with Edája's captivating vocals and songwriting skills, the track is an inspiring and empowering ode to a woman's power.

With its catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, Garden is more than just a hit;  it's a soulful journey that immerses listeners in the sacred power of a woman's Garden. Edája's enchanting vocals and Dylan's deft production skills synergise perfectly, showcasing the unique talent of both artists. 

This release is the crowning achievement of their combined creative momentum, following Dylan Guy's impressive production credits, including Mick Jenkins, Jewel Owusu, and Mali Jo$e, as well as his highly-acclaimed solo work.

Inspired by the likes of Brandy, Summer Walker, and Doja Cat, Edája explains of the track, "Garden is about a woman embracing her power that she keeps sacred: her ‘Garden’. To enter a woman’s garden it takes more than just seducing her but being able to feed and water her mentally." 

“Coming up with the melodies was a fun experience, as I took influence from artists like Doja Cat, SZA and KAYTRANADA, I wanted it to give those same feelings." 

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"Once it was done I wanted to share it with everyone and the response on TikTok so far has been so beautiful, everyone seems to really love it which is extremely heartwarming for both Dylan and I. I know it’s going to give that summer good vibes, which is exactly what we want.”

In celebration of Dylan and Edája's release of Garden, we had the pair interview one another as they discuss artists that are currently on their radar and more.

Edája Interviews Dylan Guy

Edája: Who are your ones to watch in the Australian music scene right now? 

Dylan: My ones to watch in the Australian scene right now would have to be Boy Boredom who makes amazing lo-fi bedroom pop, JAAL making very high-quality hip hop and Jewel Owusu - she has some very unique music on the way too!

Edája: What's your favourite part about being a producer? 

Dylan: My favourite part of being a producer would definitely have to be the process of creating the song and all of the things that happen in between the track actually being released. 

You work so closely with people that you inevitably build really great friendships with them and that’s a part I really enjoy. 

Being such a collaborative process having someone in the studio with you I feel you always learn something new with every song you work on as the task and requirements are constantly changing for each artist.

Edája: What are your Top 3 songs right now?

Dylan: If I had to pick my two 3 songs at the moment they’d have to be gutter by venbee, DJ by Jim Legxacy & Knucks and Pay the Price by Nippa.

Edája: What inspires you?

Dylan: I’m really into movies so I think that’s a big source of inspiration for me. Watching how the music builds upon the visuals to create an atmosphere has always interested me. 

I always try to picture how a song would look visually when I make it which I think helps.

Dylan Guy Interviews Edája

Dylan: Who are your UK ones to watch at the moment?

Edája: My top 3 UK artists that everyone should know are Nolais, BRIELLA & Ja'Deane. 

Nolais brings newness and a fresh vibe to the UK R&B music scene - he has such a unique sound that's so addicting. 

From hearing BRIELLA's teasers on TikTok she's definitely bringing the fun and vibes that we need in the music scene right now & Ja'Deane has the softest and calming but rich tone that's due to make Neo-Soul the genre to look out for in the UK.

Dylan: What is the UK music scene like currently for you?

Edája: Personally I think the UK music scene right now is growing and is the best it's ever been in a while. there are so many talented artists/ musicians that bring so much versatility. 

I think it's really gonna take off and be huge

Dylan: What is your favourite album of all time? 

Edája: That is such a hard question but I'd have to go with Choose Your Weapon - Hiatus Kaiyote.

Dylan: What is your favourite music career moment so far?

Edája: My favourite music career moment would have to be shooting the Garden music video. My first video ever and it was so fun and cool to be a part of it