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Anieszka Talks Cathartic Journey In Crafting Latest Single 'Divine'

24 July 2023 | 1:14 pm | Jessie Lynch

"If you are always focused on the chance of being hurt, you will never truly be open to love. And you are never truly living until you are open to loving."


Anieszka (Kolba Photography)

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Mauritian-Australian songstress Anieszka has unveiled a new chapter in her musical journey with the release of her sonically transcendent new album, Divine.

Drawing inspiration from her rich heritage, Anieszka finds herself deeply rooted in the traditional sounds of Mauritian sega, where the rhythmic essence of the ravanne, a tambourine-like instrument, beats as the heart of her music.

Divine captures a powerful theme of self-discovery and self-acceptance, showcasing Anieszka's exquisite songwriting and artistry, accompanied by her dulcet tones that are both soothing and vibrant.

Reflecting on her creation, Anieszka shared, "I want Divine to be a reminder to people that deep, real connections do exist, but you have to push through the fear to let yourself feel and explore it.

“The divine love we’ve all dreamt of since we were children, it exists. But you have to believe in it, believe that you are worthy of it and be open to receiving it when it arrives.”

In celebration of her latest release, we sat down with the rising star to talk about everything from her latest track, to love, heartbreak and everything in between.

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Can you take us through the moment you recorded Divine? What was the energy like in the studio for such a candid song?

I actually recorded Divine myself in my room. It just felt like a song I needed to be in my own space to record. There was a lot of love, sadness and gratitude. I cried quite a few times whilst recording the vocals.

I had to stop mid-vocal take to compose myself, but I’m glad the vocals capture the emotion and authenticity behind the lyrics and what I was feeling. When I recorded Divine, this person had made their choice to walk their own path, so it was extra hard to be singing about him.

The notion of a ‘soul mate’ is really nuanced. What compelled you to write about the intricacies of this in Divine and can you articulate how you know you've potentially met one?

I think the term ‘soulmate’ can mean different things to different people, but I do feel it is often misunderstood. I also believe we have more than one.

To me, a soulmate is someone you feel a deep, familiar connection with – someone that feels good for your nervous system, someone you just have this inexplicable ‘knowing’ about, almost like you’ve known them in a past life.

But at the same time, someone who is key to your growth. I don’t think meeting a soulmate means things will be perfect and rosy, I think it will feel ‘easy’ in the sense that it feels right and it flows, but often throughout the connection, you will come to learn a lot about yourself and what you may need to work on.

I guess that happens in most relationships but in this case, you know you want to heal and grow together, that this journey is meant for you both rather than doing it alone, even if it’s confronting and scary.

I met someone not long ago that I felt a very deep connection with. Honestly, it doesn’t even make sense how I felt something so deep in such a short amount of time. But it was the realest feeling I’d felt, and the connection was truly beautiful.

Divine was written for and about this person, I had so many emotions I needed to express and the song kind of wrote itself. I wanted to tell this person to trust in what was happening between us, that this kind of connection doesn’t come around often in life.

Do you feel songs about love, intimacy and connection play an important role in helping others navigate and understand their own relationships?

I believe they do. As human beings, we go through similar experiences and feelings. We are also complex beings with unique experiences, but essentially we all want to love and be loved.

I think as artists, sharing our innermost thoughts and emotions through music allows the listener to connect to that part of themselves they may be afraid to connect to, and to feel less alone. At times, a song can provide clarity or a realisation that may not have been present before.

Art is expression, and a lot of the time it expresses what we find hard to express. Divine, to me, is an unfiltered expression of pure emotion, of allowing yourself to feel deeply and not be ashamed of doing so.

I think it captures that feeling of knowing you have come across someone who is important – special – and you’re sitting in your vulnerability, asking them to trust in the connection. To choose love over fear - and at the same time, wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling completely exposed in the process.

For those seeking this deep love and connection, do you have any words of advice on opening up and communicating effectively in relationships as a musician?

When you come across a real and deep connection, it is often unexpected and incredibly overwhelming. You might not feel like you are ready, that you have more work to do on yourself, or that you just didn’t expect to experience this at this point in your life. My advice is to open yourself up to all that a connection like this can bring.

Be open to receiving love, just as much as giving it. If you have fears, or doubts, take the time to reflect on why you have them and then communicate them to that person. Don’t make assumptions, don’t run!

With this level of depth and connection, there also comes a deeper level of understanding. Whilst your mind and ego may advise you otherwise, sit in your heart and soul and move forward with that.

Fear is such a valid and normal response to something that feels so real, something that can quite quickly become very important and meaningful to you. The fear is protecting you from the risk of being hurt. But if you are always focused on the chance of being hurt, you will never truly be open to love. And you are never truly living until you are open to loving.

Take things slow if you need to, take the time to understand what it is you may need from the other person and communicate that, give them the chance to meet your needs, and trust in what you’re feeling and the timing of it all. It came into your life for a reason.

What has creating music taught you about your own personal relationships and the world around you and has being a musician influenced how you navigate that?

It definitely has! I’ve learnt a lot about myself through my writing and music. I’ve learnt I am someone who feels things very deeply, I am empathic, sensitive and I have a lot of love to give. I think I was afraid to truly be myself before I started writing from an authentic place.

I really do feel like my music has helped me to be my truest self, and subsequently understand what I appreciate and need in my friendships and relationships. Essentially, relationships (platonic and romantic) are an exchange of energy, and I’ve realised I need to have people in my life that love as deeply as I do. I’ve also learnt that we all want to be loved in different ways, and it’s important to understand how each person wants to be loved.

Divine seems like a very cathartic song. Do you find songwriting is a form of cathartic?

Ohhh yes, my music is often described as a form of healing and it has certainly been healing for me. Cathartic is the perfect word to describe Divine, and a lot of the music I’ve made.

There’s a lot of vulnerability and honesty in my music, I put all of who I am and what I feel into it and sometimes it’s scary, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from the next chapter of your creative career?

More authenticity, more soul and more connection. I hope my music can be a friend when people feel alone or like they need some support. I hope to do more shows, travel the world and connect with more people, put another EP out (maybe an album in the near future) and continue to create music that feeds the soul.