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10 Songs That Represent Astral People

24 August 2014 | 12:00 am | Tony Kingston

Ahead of Astral People's third birthday, we asked the founders Tom, Vic and Lee to talk us through 10 songs which have represented the brand over the years.

Later this month, Astral People will be celebrating their third birthday with performances from JONTI, COLLARBONES, BLACK VANILLA, COSMO'S MIDNIGHT, DRO CAREY, ALBA, RAINBOW CHAN and many more on Saturday August 30th at Goodgod Small Club in Sydney.

Throughout the three years we've had the privilege of experiencing some truly memorable evenings such as the JIMMY EDGAR warehouse party, Land Of The Giants featuring TYCHO, BATHS, PREFUSE 73 and SYNKRO, the Astral curated nights at Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE and of course, OutsideIn Festival.

We asked Tom, Vic and Lee from the brand to say a few words about the '10 Songs That Represent Astral People', as they reflect on their incredible career in the music industry so far. Hit us with the tunes boys!

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"Teengirl Fantasy was an act that Huggz wanted to tour before Astral even started. We finally got them down to Australia in the summer of 2012. Their live show still remains as one of the greatest and most physical electronic shows we've ever witnessed."

FREDDIE GIBBS 'Money, Clothes, Hoes'

"A favourite from the modern day 2Pac that is Freddie Gibbs. We've got nothing but love for this man."

SISTER SLEDGE 'Thinking Of You'

"Possibly the most played song ever in our office. Nile Rodgers is the king of music."

ROD LEE 'Dance My Pain Away'

"From Baltimore Club to Philly Club to the Jersey Club world take over that is happening right now.... To us, this remains as the classic to sum it all up."

TREVINO 'Backtracking'

"If we recall correctly Fester first played this a couple of years back at our party with Dark Sky. It was the chords in this song that have stuck with us years on. One of those tunes that grabbed you in the first few seconds and didn't let go till the last beat. Vic remembers instantly rushing in his standard drunken fashion to the DJ booth being all like "OI FESTER, OI FESTER, WHAT'S THIS TUUUUNNNE?!"

CASSIE 'Me & You' (BRACKLES Remix)

"Preacha used to drop this in his sets back in the day. He was always into Brackles - a very understated producer even still to this day. Preacha indirectly influenced a lot of what we listen to today, he's good like that. Anyways, this sparked us looking a bit more heavily into said producer and his influences and started our obsession with all things UKG related, thus leading to us touring the likes DJ EZ, DJ Q and the great Wookie later this year. Thanks Pappa Preach!"

DAPHNI 'Yes I Know'

"This takes us back to our one and only warehouse party to date with Jimmy Edgar a couple of years back. Ben Fester had just come on as a resident at our parties and at the time we recall EVERYONE was obsessed with Daphni. Back in the day when he still used to rock CDs, Fester dropped this to some 400+ sweaty ravers and it almost caused the walls to cave in. That or the pingers were extra good that night. Still a moment that will resonate with us for years to come."

GREGORY PORTER '1960 What?' (OPOLOPO Kick Bass Rerub)

"The first time I heard our boys Ben Fester and Preacha drop this I couldn't get this out of my head for days and it has gone on to define many an Astral night."

HARDRIVE 'Deep Inside'

"This track is another Astral staple at most of our nights and people have spent many hours dancing away to this track late into the morning."


"Jonti showed Lee this cover before Astral People existed and he was so blown away by it that as soon as we started touring acts, BBNG were at the top of our list. We're stoked to be bringing them back for a return visit over new years."

Words by Tony Kingston