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Masked Intruder

Founded: 2010

Location: United States

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Masked Intruder is an anonymous American punk rock band from Madison, Wisconsin, United States.The members of the band are Intruder Yellow (bass, backing vocals), Intruder Green (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Intruder Red (drums, backing vocals), and Intruder Blue (lead vocals, lead guitar). The band claims Intruder Yellow is currently in jail. They are known for wearing different colored ski masks and shoes on stage, using color-coded instruments, and never revealing their identities in publicity photos. They are also known for their early pop punk sound with their fast-paced songs, usually about love. Their self-titled debut album was released by Red Scare in 2012 and then re-released by Fat Wreck Chords in 2013. When live and sometimes in videos, Masked Intruder is watched by Officer Bradford, a cop who acts as a hypeman for the band and a plot device for the band's music videos.


2012 Masked Intruder
2014 M.I.
2019 III

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