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Founded: 1991

Location: United Kingdom

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Portishead ( PORT-iss-HED) are an English band formed in 1991 in Bristol. The band comprises Beth Gibbons (vocals), Geoff Barrow (multiple instruments, production), and Adrian Utley (guitar). Dave McDonald, an audio engineer who helped produce the band's first two albums, is sometimes regarded as the fourth member.Portishead's debut album, Dummy (1994), fused hip hop production with yearning vocals from Gibbons and an atmospheric, cinematic style reminiscent of spy film soundtracks. The album was met with commercial and critical acclaim, quickly becoming a landmark album in the emerging trip hop genre. However, the band disliked being associated with the term and would consciously step away from that sound on later releases. Two other studio albums have been released: Portishead (1997) and Third (2008), both of which received similar acclaim. Portishead have also released the live album Roseland NYC Live (1998).


1994 Dummy
1997 Portishead
2002 Melody Nelson
2002 Portishead Remix Collection
2008 Third

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