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What So Not & Peking Duk Petitioning To Host A Rave At Bunnings

18 June 2024 | 2:52 pm | Mary Varvaris

“The time has come for the most Australian rave in history… let’s set the date.”

Peking Duk @ Falls Festival

Peking Duk @ Falls Festival (Source: Supplied)

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Two weeks ago, 19-year-old producer Kaila started petitioning to get popular acts What So Not and Peking Duk to host a rave at Bunnings.

In a video posted to TikTok, Kaila hilariously remixed the Bunnings theme tune with a hard-hitting beat. On Saturday (15 June), What So Not jumped on board, sharing the video with the caption “MAKE THIS HAPPEN” on his Instagram.

What So Not said in the video, “Have you seen this yet? This 19-year-old producer Kaila posted this video remixing the Bunnings theme song, and it’s got about 400,000 views now with this petition for me and Peking Duk to play the store.”

He continued, “I’m down! All we gotta do is get Bunnings’ attention to make this happen.”

In response, Peking Duk said, “Let’s do this”.

On Sunday (16 June), Bunnings responded to Kaila’s TikTok with the comment: “We’ll bring the decks 👀👀”.

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After Bunnings responded, Kaila posted a new video with the caption, “The time has come for the most Australian rave in history… let’s set the date.”

When the show happens, we need allll the footage everyone can find.

What So Not is embarking on his Dance Dance Revival Australian tour this week. The tour includes festival-ready line-ups in clubs across the country.

What So Not’s search for support acts and kicking off an Australian Dance Revival also calls back to his recent comments to Purple Sneakers, in which he said:

“I have all these super-talented kids that send me stuff, and then they’re not getting shows, or they can't even work out how to make enough money to do it properly. They're all working jobs.

“So, I wanted to go on a mission to find out not who’s the most popular young person that's already got a bit of a platform, but who are the ones that don't have platforms yet?”

In addition to the tour, What So Not will soon release the new single Lights Go Out featuring Benson and Lucy Lucy.


Replying to @Bunnings the time has come for the most australian rave in history… lets set the date @Bunnings #newmusic #dnb #aussie #dj #viral #drumandbass #musicproducer #bunningswarehouse

♬ Bunnings Warehouse Kaila Remix - Kaila