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How A Yeat Song Made Minions 'The Rise Of Gru' A Record Breaking Box Office Hit

5 July 2022 | 4:36 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

#GentleMinions is taking over the world and its thanks to one of raps biggest sensations, Yeat.

While it might not seem like a surprise, Minions: The Rise Of Gru's opening weekend made over $8.2 million at the box office in Australia over the weekend, well clearing both Elvis and Top Gun.

Released in the school holidays the family friendly animated comedy would have normally expected crowds full of young kids enjoying the simple comedy, but, the release of a meme worthy, viral slapper by prolific fast rising rapper Yeat has sent the film into full viral orbit. 

A TikTok trend, which is driven by the song Rich Minion by Yeat has seen thousands of young teenage boys flood cinemas and attend the screenings of the film in full formal attire. The groups applaud the movie at every chance, cry of laughter and attend strictly business worthy debriefs in the cinema lobbies before and after the film. The trend has been named #gentleminions.

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The track that soundtracks these videos is not even on the official soundtrack to the movie, instead was a left-field collaboration between the film and video production company and creative agency, Lyrical Lemonade. The song was released to accompany the films final trailer in attempt to create viral hype with the film's slightly order target market audience and it has fully kicked off.

So why Yeat, and what makes him the perfect candidate as the leader or sonic representation of the film's success. The California raised rapper is often described as an enigma on the internet, scorching through the contemporary hip hop scene with his entirely singular brand of brazen trap music. It's hard to tell whether Yeat's fans genuinely enjoy his music, or whether they're simply supporting a meme, viral worthy act. Rich Minion as a sound on the platform has had over 149.3 thousand videos made using it.

He's become known for soundtracking popular act TikTok's biggest trends. Swërved It has been used in over 228.1 thousand videos, Sorry Bout That 212.7 thousand videos, as well the rest of his discovery used over 10 thousand times each, which makes a whopping millions of videos.