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G Flip And Mike Shinoda Team Up For 'In The End' And 'Worst Person Alive' Mash-up

8 September 2023 | 11:46 am | Mary Varvaris

"You know I love a good mash-up. You wanna help me with a mash-up?"

Mike Shinoda & G Flip

Mike Shinoda & G Flip (Source: YouTube/@triplej)

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Last night, punters catching G Flip at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre were treated to a surprise when Linkin Park and Fort Minor legend Mike Shinoda joined them on stage for an impromptu mash-up.

In a video filmed by triple j, G Flip introduced Shinoda by exclaiming, “Alright, I would now like to welcome to the stage a dear friend of mine from Linkin Park and For Minor, Mike Shinoda,” to rapturous applause.

Holding a microphone, Shinoda strode to the stage and said, “G Flip, make some noise!

“Listen, you guys know me; you know I love a good mash-up. You wanna help me with a mash-up?” Immediately, Shinoda and G Flip’s band launched into a mash-up of the Linkin Park classic, In The End, and G Flip’s hit single, Worst Person Alive.

Shinoda’s vocal is just as you remember – punchy rapping and singing over super catchy tunes. G Flip joined him for harmonies during the In The End chorus before the mash-up switched pace and went into Worst Person Alive. You can watch the footage below.

Shinoda, visiting Australia this week for the musiBIGSOUND, revealed that he previously linked up with G Flip for a collaboration that didn’t make the cut.

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“I did get a chance to work with G Flip. We did it a track a few years ago, and I didn't really go anywhere, and we kind of fell out of touch for a second,” Shinoda explained. “And then they came to the US, and they hit me up and said, ‘I want to make my next record, I want to really focus on the drums and live instrumentation,’ and I was like, ‘great!’”

“And we tried a few things, we wrote a few things, but at the end of the day, they didn't use those songs for the album; I don't know if they have a plan to put them out.”

He added, “We spent the most time on one song; I feel like that song is good. Georgia and I get along great, and I know we can write good things together. So, just because we didn't do it yet, it doesn’t mean we won’t in future. And that's the same for other artists I've worked with — some artists that we did some things that we didn't release, and those aren't going to come out. But I try and treat those relationships as ones that haven't come together just yet.”

Also, while at BIGSOUND, Shinoda told the audience that singer Chester Bennington was urged to ditch the rest of Linkin Park while making their 2000 debut album, Hybrid Theory.

“Chester came and told us, and we're like, 'Well, what did you say?' He said, 'I told them to go fuck themselves.’” Shinoda explained as the crowd laughed uproariously.