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DJ Mag’s North American Awards Were Disappointing: Here Are Our Picks Instead

21 June 2022 | 2:00 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

The fan voted awards left many incredible artists snubbed.

DJ Mag have revealed the winners for their North America Awards this year, with 16 categories of snub after snub, for some of the best electronic acts in the world for other, arguably outdated, non revolutionary and commercial artists. 

Tech house titan Green Velvet took out the award for best DJ ahead of other nominated acts Eris Drew, Jayda G, RL Grime and RP Boo. Eris Drew is one of the most technically gifted DJs in the world, spinning left field, undiscovered house gems for years now alongside partner Octo Octa. Over the past 12 months, she’s toured across Europe, The US, South America and Australia performing massive slots at Movement Festival in Detroit, Draainmolen Festival, Club Mince, Pitch Music & Arts just to name a few. She also released her highly compelling, incredible and critically adored euphoric house record Quivering In Time. 

Also in the category is arguably the most in demand touring DJ in the globe, Jayda G, whose house music tones and positive environmental messaging has transcended genre and music. She also performed a stellar, viral worthy set at Pitch Music & Arts, as well as massive festival slots around the globe. In 2020 she released her undisputed, headline slot track Both Of Us, which was the festival song of the globe over the last 12 months. 

The breakthrough DJ award was given to another tech house and techno “up and comer”, John Summit. Hardly a breakthrough DJ, performing a prime slot at EDC last year. He took the award out over Kush Jones, Layla Benitez, UNIIQU3, Ariel Zetina. UNIIQU3 is a global ambassador of one of dance music’s most influential genre, jersey club, and is the brightest star of the genre. Throughout lockdowns she took to impact her community first hand, highlighting the cultural appropriation of dance cultures. Last year she released her new EP, Heartbeats, which showcased her incredible ability across production, songwriting, singing and rapping. 

Summit also beat out the Chicago based techno, Chicago house, punta and brukdown inspired Ariel Zetina. In the past year she hosted an incredible mix for Crack Magazine, performed at Lady Land Festival, as well as headlining clubs around the globe.

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