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Spotify Launches ‘Daylist’ Feature That ‘Evolves With You Throughout The Day’

14 September 2023 | 6:48 pm | Ellie Robinson

The new feature is available right now for both free and paid Spotify users.

Spotify's Daylist

Spotify's Daylist (Supplied)

Spotify has launched a promising new feature called the Daylist, an algorithmic playlist that the company says “evolves with you throughout the day”.

Similar to Spotify’s AI-powered DJ tool – which itself launched just last month – the Daylist feature will generate “a series of highly specific playlists made for every version of you”, tailored around users’ established listening habits on the platform. The playlist will update itself automatically at various points throughout the day, because “over the course of the day, your mood changes and so does the music you listen to” (at least according to Spotify’s data).

As the streaming giant explains in the official sell: “Whether you’re having a ‘windows down thrillwave Thursday evening’ or a ‘happy dance energy Friday morning’, Daylist updates with new titles and tracks that evolve with you throughout the day...

“This new, one-of-a-kind playlist on Spotify ebbs and flows with unique vibes, bringing together the niche music and microgenres you usually listen to during particular moments in the day or on specific days of the week. It updates frequently between sunup and sundown with a series of highly specific playlists made for every version of you. It’s hyper-personalised, dynamic, and playful as it reflects what you want to be listening to right now.”

Spotify’s Daylist is available for all users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – regardless of whether they’re subscribed to Spotify Premium – as of today (September 14). To access the feature, all you’ll need to do is search “daylist” on the Spotify app or website (or click this link). Users are also able to share their current Daylists with a ready-made screenshot, a personalised sticker or customisable sharecard.

While the Daylist is available to all Spotify users, the platform’s longstanding lyric-reading feature recently got axed from the service offered to unpaid users.

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