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Aussie Artists Share Highs And Lows Of Industry In Support Act’s ‘Outside In’ Series

15 September 2023 | 3:25 pm | Staff Writer

"If my physical health is good, I find that's a big connection to my mental health."

Yorke / Jamacia Moana / Dale Tanner / Budjerah / Tania Doko

Yorke / Jamacia Moana / Dale Tanner / Budjerah / Tania Doko (Credit: Jess Macc)

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A stellar line-up of Australian artists have taken part in a brand new video and portrait series, Outside In, to raise awareness of the state of mental health in the music industry.

Created by music photographer Jess Macc, Hustle Media and music charity Support Act, the series features artists from a wide range of genres and backgrounds including Budjerah, Tania Doko, Jamaica Moana, Dale Tanner (Ocean Grove) and Yorke.

Each participant is candidly interviewed by Macc about their life and personal stories regarding the highs and lows of being a part of the Australian music scene.

The videos and images are being released weekly on social media via and the full-length episodes can be viewed here.

Here are some of the key outtakes:

Jamaica Moana

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"While people are constantly judging and all of that is still so present now, I'm good because I have really solid support.

“I was in a dance crew that was around all other queer people of colour from the west, so we are all from marginalised minorities and really understood each other. Having people within an arm’s reach away that understood me, they looked like me and sounded like me, that made it a lot easier.”

Dale Tanner

"This word of non-essential getting thrown around... Society is telling me what I'm pursuing isn't essential and when push comes to shove, doesn't really matter. Your mind feels like it's a separate entity that I felt like I couldn't control.. And this spiralling of thoughts, this phenomenon, that was the part I got so terrified about."


"If my physical health is good, I find that's a big connection to my mental health."

Tania Doko

"My whole adult life I'd been signed to a major record company. You don't realise how much you identify with that external reference 'I am signed, therefore I am worthy.' Back then, it was very easy to feel like damaged goods.

"I spoke to a lovely social worker at Support Act. I’ll never forget those conversations, just so assuring that of course I was not alone in that feeling. Established artists were feeling very isolated and alone, and feeling like they were going crazy just as much as emerging artists and in that sense, we were all in it together.”


"I think I grew up with this stigma that like, it (asking for help) means weakness, and then I moved to Melbourne and everyone's like, ‘so who's your therapist?’ I got over that hurdle and I realised, no, if you're going to heal and be able to encourage other people to talk about it, you need to make that step."

If you’re triggered by any of these conversations or just need someone to talk to, call the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – a free, confidential phone counselling service available to anyone working in Australian music or the arts – on 1800 959 500.