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Diana Anaid

Born: 8 / 4 / 1976

Location: Australia

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Diana Anaid

Diana Anaid (born 8 April 1976) is the performance name of Diana Gosper, an Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter. From 1997 to 2003 she used the moniker, Diana ah Naid. Anaid has issued five studio albums, Diana ah Naid (8 April 1997, her 21st birthday), I Don't Think I'm Pregnant (September 1999), Beautiful Obscene (20 April 2004) Diana Anaid (2010) and My Queen (2017). 2007 also saw the release of Diana Anaid's first live album "Live At Bush Theatre" which was recorded in her home town of Nimbin, NSW.


1997 Diana Ah Naid (Independent Release)
1997 Diana Ah Naid
1999 I Don’t Think I’m Pregnant
2004 Beautiful Obscene
2010 Diana Anaid

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